May 1st Comic Week in Review

This week on the Comic Week in Review we were slackers so we only did a couple reviews one that was covered on Comicast #79 and one that wasn’t.

Ten Grand #1 $2.99
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski, Artist: Ben Templesmith
The art reminds me of Sweet Tooth. The lines are thinner and more languid. I'm going to be straight up with you. If you don't like indie, odd, abstract, dark, gritty, grungy, sketchy, grimy, ugly art you won't like this. The thing is that it actually works perfectly in junction with the sick, sad, depressing, ugly story. It kind of reminded me of Constantine. There's not a wasted word of dialogue in this book. Essentially what's happens is a hitman who takes on an assignment from a girl looking for her sister that ended up joining up with a cult and has since disappeared. The man leading the cult is a man from his past that should be dead. It turned from a PI/hitman story into a supernatural, demon story. The writing is brilliant, the story, is interesting, and the art captures what this book is going for all too well. This book won't be for everybody but its definitely worth checking out.

Superior Spider-Man #9 $3.99
Writer: Dan Slott, Artist: Ryan Stegman
Last ish we had the Parker conscience try to stop Otto from performing reconstructive brain surgery on a little girl. This issue started with Otto fully discovering Peters hidden conscience. In doing so he plans to wipe Peter completely from his mind so there are no remnants of him left. Apparently he also found the golden octobot that previously had Peters conscience and memories which he also decides to delete. In the process of deleting Peters memories Parker makes his final stand and fights to get his body back in a dreamlike setting. At first he uses his loved ones to attack Otto. Then Octavius uses all of Spider-Mans villains against Peter and his allies. Peter tears his face off to reveal the Spider-Man underneath which was actually kinda gross looking. He attacks Otto which has appeared as his old self. Peter is explaining while beating Otto why he deserves to be Spider-Man and why Oct doesn't. Then Otto reveals himself as the Superior Spider-Man. This is when Slott addresses Parker trying to stop Ock from saving the little girl. Octavius explains that he no longer deserves to be Spider-Man because of that and to a certain extent he's right. Peter falls apart at the accusation and loses the battle. Slott may be a horrible writer but at least he addresses and explains his own plot holes and tries to make them an integral part of the story. The book is still crap but at least this somewhat makes sense and has its validity unlike almost everything he's written up to this point. The art was top notch. It was actually really cool to see Octavius as his old self and Parker's friends and family. They were all drawn really well. I still can't bear to read this crap though because when it comes down to it Slott just doesn't know how to write Peter Parker. He doesn't understand the character. Peter is doing things he would never do. He's acting way too desperate. This is why this title will never be a BUY for me as long as Dan Slott is writing it.

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