Iron Man 3 Review

Foreword: Before listening to the IronCast 3 (Podcast), remember that we kept it full of spoilers!! We have the written part as a spoiler free part. We figured if we had the written with spoilers than it would do no good since everyone would see it that opened the page.

By: Pablo Gunner

Can you call something a let down when it far exceeded your already very high expectations? The answer to that question is: NO! These two statements may be very puzzling to you and indeed they are which is exactly why I will explain myself and I will my best not to spoil any of the movie for anybody in doing so. The same cannot be said about our audio review. Without further ado I will get back to the point. The reason for my feeling of being let down to a certain extent is because of how the villain, Mandarin, was handled. I'll be straight up with you all, I was disappointed. This did not ruin the movie for me by any means as it totally blew me away. They literally put more awesome than I could have ever fathomed and it did not feel like they tried to put to much into the film at all which was probably the biggest fault of the second movie. As an avid, hardcore comic book reader who has read the Extremis graphic novel story arc and his fair share of Invincible Iron Man comics there were plenty of moments for hardcores like me to squeal like the fan girl that I am and be bugged as well about things they left out or omitted. I realize more than most that you cannot and should not translate comic to film exactly but certain things just irked me. When it comes down to it though this is probably the best of the three Iron Man movies. It retained the same look and feel of the first two which is one of the things that I was most worried about since the directing changed over to Shane Black. The other thing that I was most worried about is that it was going to try to do too much and as much as it did it never felt overloaded or too over the top. Personally I think that regular, non-hardcore, Iron Man comic readers will like it a more as there will be a few gripes and complaints from hardcore comic book nerds like myself and many others. I will undoubtedly be seeing this multiple times in theaters and buying it on Blu-Ray when it comes out as you should too and you'll want to after seeing it yourself.

IronCast 3
Rated PG 13


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