Injustice Gods Among Us Review

Well I haven't play completely through the story mode but I can tell you it looks amazing. Starts off with the good guys fighting the bad guys in a city. Then throughout the story mode it turns into the standard one on one fighting game. I will not say a whole lot about the story mode because everyone should play it without any spoilers to ruin it. The graphics are amazing and the fact that the levels are interactive and destructible is a great feature that we haven't really seen in many games. 

The multiplayer mode is set up with the Heroes and the Villains on separate side of the screen. Pick your level and move on to the actual game. Also there are so many characters that we do not usually see in games at all, which brings in a whole new level of excitement to the game.They made the characters perfectly, they look and act the way they do in comics and the shows that we have grown to love. 

The characters are just as familiar to us as ever. The attacks that each character fit them perfectly, the Joker is full of his jokes and toys and Raves's were dark and out of this world and of course everyone's favorite Batman, hes full of his gadgets and martial arts as normal. This game is a must play for any fan of Mortal Kombat and Superhero's. Its a great mix of action and suspense, its very addicting.
Verdict: BUY

The review was written Shawny Martinez, A Talk Nerdy to Me Corespondent.


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