Game of thrones: Season 3 episode 1 and 2 Review

Spoiler alert!!

Book 3 or A Storm of Swords is the longest and most action packed book of them all. There are highs and lows that could shock anyone.

Season 3 started off where the second season ended, with the white walkers. Sam who looks to be alone is attacked by a white walker which is quickly killed with the help of  Jon Snows wolf Ghost,and is burned by the few crows marching with Jeor Mormont.  Far up north Jon Snow reaches Mance Rayders camp, he sees giants which he never has before. Mance Rayder confronts him and asks why he wants to join. Jon Snow's answer convinces Mance to let him join the wildlings. It then switches place to where we see a beaten up Davos washed up on shore, if you remember his boat was among the first ones taking by fire at the battle of Blackwater. He is saved and taken to Dragonstone. He confronts Stannis and Melisandre (which Davos has conflict with) and is taking captive as he tries to kill Melisandre. In Kings Landing Margarery Tyrell is winning over Joffery and Cersei is starting to dislike her. We see this when dinner is served and Joffery praises Margarery and insults his mother. Right before these events we see a broken Tyrion, his face has healed much since season 2. Tyrion confronts his dad about his "birth rights" which Tywin his father pretty much throws back in his face and to top it off insults Tyrion greatly. In the east, in Pentos, Daenarys finds herself looking at slave armies. The Unsullied are feared warriors that have no fear in anything. Daenarys soon after is attacked by a warlock, the warlock fails, due to the help of Barristan Selmy, who asked to join her kings guard.

My response to the first episode was that it was all amazing until the scene with Barristan Selmy. According to the book he should of not appeared like that. He was supposed to be Arstan Whitebeard then later is reveled as Barristan Selmy; but we have seen this before series not following the books exactly and yet the show or movie comes out amazing. So this may be really great for the overall series. Also there wasn't that much on the Starks during the first episode but also this is the first episode out of ten, so we will see what this series brings to the table.

The Second episode brings new faces and a bit more action to the table(so far).Starts off with Bran meets the Reeds, and is still headed towards the wall. Jojen Reed tells Bran that he has a special ability, which we see in the wildling camp right before this scene. Robb Stark is headed with his mom Catelyn to bury his uncle, on the way there Catelyn Tells Robbs wife that She wished for the death of Jon Snow, Jon soon grew very ill and was said to die. Catelyn felt horrible about this and prayed to the Gods if he would live she promised to love him and change his name and raise him as his mother, but she couldn't keep her promise because she hated Jon. She said that the reason so many bad things have happened to her family is because she broke her promise. Not much happens in Kings Landing beside Margarery asking Sansa how Joffery acts. Cersei is again blown off by her son who is growing closer to Margarery everyday. We seen Arya and her friends encounter the Brotherhood without Banners which looks to be lead by Thoros of Mry. They share a meal with the men and soon a prisoner of the Brotherhood walks in and is reveled as Sandor Clegane or The hound.The Hound reveals Arya's true identity to the Brotherhood. The scene changes to a dark gloomy place, Theon Greyjoy is held captive and is being tortured for information. It then jumps to Brienne and Jaime still on there way to  Kings Landing. They engage in a sword fight which looks to be favoring Brienne when all of a sudden Roose Bolton and his men see them and say that they will take them prisoners.

The second episode has me wanting to know more. Even though it didn't really have much of Daenarys and Jon Snow it was still a very good episode. It had one of the much awaited preview moments of Briene and Jamie fighting, which by fans was one of the scenes that they wanted to see most, me included . I thought that it was an awesome moment between them. The episode also had me wanting to know more about Bran and his new found ability. Also I want to see Beric Dondarrion who is supposed to be with the Brotherhood but hasn't been shown yet. Theon's story is also becoming very interesting, even though he is now a hated character among the fan base I still feel sorry for him.Episode 2 sets a good place for episode 3, episode 3 will probably be filled with the Starks and Daenarys since this one had nothing on them. Looks like a bright and action packed start to the season everyone has been waiting for.
Verdict: MUST SEE

The review was written Shawny Martinez, A Talk Nerdy to Me Contributor.


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