April 3RD Comic Week in Review

This was a light week for comics so we only covered one comic that was talked about on Comicast #75 and one that wasn’t.

Detective Comics #19 $7.99
Writer: John Layman, James Tynion IV, Artist: Jason Fasbok
I wanted to like this book and I tried to find as much good as possible in it but by the end I just wasn't feeling it. This is a 900 issue that isn't a 900 issue. It's comprised of five stories. Three by Layman and one by Tynion. It would make sense that there would be some sort of order to these stories but they were pretty random. The potential for a great story was there but it fell flat. The one thing that connected these stories was Batman of course but most prominently Man-Bat. First story was about a Man-Bat contagion spreading in Gotham. The second story was both a prequel and follow up to the first story. If this concept introduced at the end of story 2 would have continued throughout the book it really could have been something special. The third story by Tynion was a tie-in to Talon so to say the least it had nothing to do with Batman or the Man-Bat stories in fact it was about Bane building an army up to take on the Court of Owls. Fourth story was about what Penguin and what his cohorts did during the Man-Bat contagion. The final story was short and stupid as it was just a couple cops talking about Batman. The covers/spreads littered throughout we're pretty neat but overall I could not justify spending $8 for this.
Verdict: PASS

Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars Dark Times Fire Carrier #3 
Writer: Randy Stradley, Artist: Gabriel Guzman
Despite enjoying this issue a lot I can’t help but feel like the art is getting less impressive with each issue. This one picks up exactly where it left off and then takes it to the next level. These Jedi padawans, knight, and master saw fellow refugees from the camp as a massive pile of corpses and somehow it gets worse. The Jedi are spotted and have to flee for their lives. This issue really picked up from the very slow issue from last month. It seems that some of the imperial officers value loyalty over fear of Vader and the emperor as they stray from their assigned orders. As always it was cool to see a Jedi knight in an awesome way. It appears that the imperial forces are also slowly catching wind of this little group of Jedi. Things are starting to get more tense and dire for this little group of runaways. The story may be progressing at a slower pace but that didn't make this issue any less enjoyable.
Verdict: SKIM

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