March 6 Comics Releases

Hey fellow comic book fans, here’s a compressed list of comics that are coming out this Wednesday. Tells us what you're picking and anything you would like us to cover.

Dark Horse
Hellboy In Hell #4 $2.99
Writer/Artist: Mike Mignola
Animal Man #18(Rot) $2.99
Writer: Jeff Lemire, Artist: Steve Pugh
Batwing #18 $2.99
Writer: Fabian Nicieza, Artist: Fabrizio Fiorentino
Before Watchmen: Rorschach #4 of 4 $3.99

Writer: Brian Azzarello, Artist: Lee Bermejo
Detective Comics #18 $3.99
Writer: John Layman, Artist: Jason Fabok
Dial H #10 $2.99

Writer: China Mieville, Artist: Alberto Ponticelli

Earth 2 #10 $2.99

Writer: James Robinson, Artist: Nicola Scott

Green Arrow #18 $2.99
Writer: Jeff Lemire, Artist: Andrea Sorrentino
Green Lantern #18(Wrath) $2.99
Writer: Geoff Johns, Artist: Doug Mahnke
Legends of The Dark Knight #6 $3.99
Writer: Various, Artist: Various
The Phantom Stranger #6 $2.99
Writer: Dan DiDio, Artist: Gene Ha
Smallville Season 11 #11 $3.99
Writer: Bryan Q. Miller, Artist: Pere Perez
Stormwatch #18 $2.99
Writer: Peter Milligan, Artist: Will Conrad
Superman #17 $2.99

Writer: Scott Lobdell, Artist: Kenneth Rocafort
Swamp Thing #18(Rot) $2.99

Writer: Scott Snyder, Artist: Yanick Paquette
Worlds’ Finest #10 $2.99

Writer: Paul Levitz, Artist: Kevin Maguire

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #4 $3.99
Writer: Katie Cook, Artist: Andy Price
Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #14 $3.99

Writer: James Roberts, Artist: Alex Milne

Bedlam #5 $3.50

Writer: Nick Spencer, Artist: Riley Rossmo
Mara #3 of 6 $2.99

Writer: Brian Wood, Artist: Ming Doyle

Sex #1 $2.99

Writer: Joe Casey, Artist: Piotr Kowalski
Snapshot #2 of 4 $2.99

Writer: Andy Diggle, Artist: Jock

Adventure Time: Fiona & Cake #3 of 6 $3.99
Writer/Artist: Natasha Allegri
A+X #5 $3.99
Writers: Kathryn Immonen, Kieron Gillen, Artists: David LaFuente, Joe Bennett
Age of Apocalypse #13 $2.99

Writer: David Lapham, Artist: Roberto De La Torre

Age of Ultron #1 of 10 $3.99
Writer: BMB, Artist: Bryan Hitch
All-New X-Men #8 $3.99
Writer: BMB, Artist: David Marquez
Avengers #7 $3.99

Writer: Jonathan Hickman, Artist: Dustin Weaver

Cable & X-Force #5 $3.99
Writer: Dennis Hopeless, Artist: Salvador Larroca
Daredevil: End of Days #6 of 8 $3.99
Writer: BMB & Mack, Artist: Klaus Janson
Iron Man #7 $3.99
Writer: Kieron Gillen, Artist: Greg Land
Powers: The Bureau #2 $3.95
Writer: BMB, Artist: Michael Avon Oeming
Red She-Hulk #63 $2.99
Writer: Jeff Parker, Artist: Carlo Pagulayan
Road To Oz #6 of 6 $3.99
Writer: Eric Shanower, Artist: Skottie Young
Ultimates Comics Ultimates #22 $3.99
Writer: Sam Humphries, Artist: Joe Bennett
Venom #32 $2.99
Writer: Cullen Bunn, Artist: Declan Shalvey
Winter Soldier #16 $2.99
Writer: Jason Latour, Artist: Nic Klein
Fairest #13 $2.99
Writer: Lauren Beukes, Artist: Inaki Miranda

You can pick up these comics at Kaboom Test Labs or Twin Suns Comics & Games


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