March 27 Comic Week in Review

This week on the Comic book Week in Review we were slackers so we only did a few written reviews and they were all comics we covered on Comicast #74 but with a different point of view.


Arrow #5 $3.99
Writer: Marc Guggenheim, Artist: Various
I recently found out that each story in these issues are actually released digitally in conjunction with that weeks episode. Now knowing this I'm most likely going to read them weekly rather than wait to buy them monthly. That being said I will still review them for you all monthly. Also these stories make a lot more sense now because they relate to the episodes of the week that they came out on. The first story is about Green Arrow going to Shanghai and helping some people that are being terrorized by the corrupt police there. The second part was all back story about Laurel & her sister, Sara. Apparently Sara has always been a boyfriend stealer but we also see what Laurel gets some of her fighting skills. The third being about a train depot employee with a grudge. All of the story relate to the show. Some are better than others. The art styles are very similar in that they all have a gritty, sketchy look to them. One of the coolest things about reading comics of characters from movies or shows is that you hear their voice when reading them. As I said I will be switching to the weekly digital firsts as I think you all should too especially if you watch the show. You don't need to watch the show to enjoy the comic but it makes it so much more worth it.
Verdict: BUY(digital)
TALON #6 $2.99
Written by: Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV, Art by: Guillem March
This one was a real shocker in multiple ways. It's cool to see the protagonist do what he does best like getting out of sticky situations. It was just really interesting how this whole issue plays out. There's almost a family feud going on amongst the talon trying to capture Calvin Rose. The big reveal towards the end is something I kind of thought possible at the beginning but had brushed it until it was fully revealed in this issue. The action was well drawn. I always enjoy this artists sleek, shiny, semi-realistic style. As good as this was I'm more excited to see what happens in next issue, with Calvin and Batman. As far as I'm concerned that's exactly what a comic is supposed to do.
Verdict: BUY

JUDGE DREDD #5 $3.99
Writer: Duane Swierczynski, Art: Nelson Daniel & David Williams
The same story is dragging on in this issue from the first two issues which is in relation to malfunctioning robots. The art is too cartoony and goofy looking for what should be more of a dark, dirty, grimy, look, and feel. I couldn't really get into the first story. The second story was random but at least it was interesting and I liked the art a lot more as it had a slightly more serious tone.
Verdict: weak SKIM

East of West #1 $3.50
Writer: Jonathan Hickman, Artist: Nick Dragota
 The art is rather mesmerizing. The story, confusing. All I really know is that there's little kids as three of the four horsemen and they're looking for the fourth in a technological western setting. I didn't really know anything that was going on and I still don't. It wasn't bad but it wasn't enough for me to decide if its good yet.
Verdict: SKIM

Writer: Kathryn Immonen, Artist: Valero Schiti
Good ending to a great story. The issue picked up exactly where it ended and it was a hell of a cliff hanger. This all came together quite nicely. Sif didn't do exactly what we thought she did and for good reason as it seems she has her wits about her. It's nice to see this thing come full circle. It's was a beautiful and brilliantly woven story. It's one of those stories that teaches you a lesson like home is where the heart is. The art is and has been phenomenal this entire time. It's bright, colorful, vibrant, and bursting with energy. This book and story has not ceased to amaze. Immonen & Shitti have captured all that journey into mystery stands for.
The Superior Spider-Man #6 Age of Ultron tie-in $3.99
Writer: Christos Gage, Artists: Dexter Soy
Right away they make it clear that AoU Spider-Man IS Otto in Parker's body. The art is stunning and somewhat of a water color style. I still don't like the idea of Otto as Parker but this story actually worked and made sense as well as further proves that every single other writer that has written this character is better at doing it than Dan Slott. I don't understand yet why this important to the overall story but hopefully we will find out. Otto learns the important lesson of depending on and working with allies. To say the least the art is gorgeous and worth looking at.
Thunderbolts #7 $2.99
Writer: Daniel Way, Artist: Phil Noto
With a better artist this book runs so much more smoothly. The issue was actually pretty interesting but I’ll be damned if its not the most wordy issue and book out there. The art makes a huge different as each character looks different and how they're supposed to be. Elektra no longer looks like a man in fact she looks pretty sexy. Each character was well written. The art was just really good and well done. If they keep this up I may be adding this to the list.
Verdict: BUY

You can pick up these comics at Kaboom Test Labs or Twin Suns Comics & Games


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