Trade of The Month Spider-Man Blue

The reason that we decided to make this our Trade of The Month and release it right now is because for one we’re slackers, two its a perfect example of an exemplary Spider-Man story versus the crap that Dan Slott has been putting out, and lastly its a great love story.
This graphic novel really helps the reader know what Peter Parker has been through. Sales really does a great job on the art. Most of the book takes place as flash backs to Peter and Gwen. The art for the present is mostly Black and blue. The art is just absolutely gorgeous. I love how Mary Jane looks like a model and all the characters react accordingly. I also really like how Harry Osborn is a good guy at the time. I am a huge fan of how Gwen is drawn. The art looks great and I would not want a single thing changed about it. Loeb does an amazing job at writing this book. I love how Loeb will just have narration in some parts and just let the art tell the right story. The book was really easy to read because the writing was really good, but it was not overwhelming at all. The art and the writing worked well hand in hand. For anyone who wants to know who Peter Parker is then read this graphic novel. The book is even good for the Valentine's Day. It is not too sappy, but still makes the relationship feel real. - Ambassador Jbemms
This book is a perfect example of how to do a Spider-Man story right. By that I mostly mean that it’s not anything like the crap that Dan Slott’s Inferior Spider-Man. The main reason it's not like Slott's shoddy writing is because this story is actually about Peter Parker and his love life primarily his relationship with Gwen. See Marvel has lost touch with Peter Parker and it appears that Dannyboy never knew what Pete was all about as his books are the exact opposite, mostly Spidey and barely any Parker. People fell in love with Peter Parker, his real life, and how it's affected by him being Spidey from time to time. That's exactly what this graphic novel shows us. This came out in the 90's but its obvious it hasn't lost its luster. This book truly shines through the art style as it captures the look and tone of a classic Peter Parker tale but as a new and improved version of a classic. The ladies are gorgeous in this book. As stunning as Mary Jane is every time I see Gwen I feel like Peter falling in love with her all over again. For anybody that has ever been in love, fallen in love, or lost a love can relate to this book so you don’t have to be a big time Spider-Man fan to enjoy it.

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