Lunaria #1 Review

This comic is locally created, published, and distributed here in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
LUNARIA #1 $4.99 16pgs
Writer: Blake Acker
Pencils/Inks/Colors: Brandon Scott Jensen
Additional Inks: Jevon Campisi
Cover: David Harrington 

The cover is actually pretty cool. The design, colors, and art style of the cover are interesting and rather attention grabbing. Then you open the first page. The first thing that came to mind was, WOW, this is easily the worst thing I have ever seen and the worst dialogue I have ever read.
The thing looks like it was done in MS PAINT. I honestly think that it might look decent if it were just black and white. As the book continues I realized, nope that wouldn't make a difference because the art just gets worse. Seriously this is the most amateur art I have ever seen in my life. Well enough about the garbage art.
The way the book starts is with a couple of freakishly goofy dude beating up on some old man with a food cart. I had no idea what was going on nor did I care, something a number one issue should be doing the opposite of. All of a sudden these guys are attacked in a weird and brutal way. One of the guys calls her a daemon. Who the hell says and spells it like that? Especially a couple of thugs. It's almost if the writer and artist have people say and look different just to be different even if it doesn't make any sense or have any context for doing what it does. The main character and protagonist is introduced in an rather lackluster way. Showing your main superhero should be the highlight of the book not a boring, bland, awkward, uneventful entrance. Who is she, what are her powers, what are her motivations? These are things that should be explained soon after the appearance of your star player. The dialogue, writing, and story gets worse as it goes on as well. So through some muddled, confusing, and awkward dialogue the hero finds out that there is a gang bang about to go down. Just as things are about to get started she shows up and beats the hell out of most of the guys before she gets shot. At this point we find out that she's not invulnerable against bullets and has telekinetic powers of some sort. After that she beats herself up for her mistakes and we see a flashback. It's obvious this flashback is meant to establish her motivation for doing what she does. Speaking of what she does she hits up the guy whom hair she yanked out for info and he spills the beans about another gang bang. The dialogue is as awkward as it is goofy, and dumb. As it goes she stops it again and burns the place down that they were using it for. At the end we find out that she refuses to kill as we are introduced to a new character that she's talking to.
All in all I have to say that comic is bad. I can easily sat that this is the worst comic I have seen and read. Even the speech boxes are not done well. Didn't anybody edit this book before it was published. Somebody should have told them that this thing is god awful. One good thing I have to say about this book is that it was an easy, short, quick read. The art looks like 90s computer generated graphics. The dialogue is awkward, fake, and completely unrealistic. The story is weird, creepy, and dark but has hints of decency with character moments like the flashback and ending. Financially this is the worst comic you could ever waste your money on because the average comic is $3-$4 for 24-32 pages and this one is $5 for 16 pages. I have never come upon a comic that was a bigger PASS.
Verdict: PASS

If you don't believe me or you want to see for yourself you can SKIM this comic at Kaboom Test Labs or Twin Suns Comics & Games.


  1. Get a load of the behind the scenes for the show of Lunaria.

    1. The show looks pretty awesome. I'm interested to see it.


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