Batgirl #17 $2.99
Writer: Ray Fawkes, Art: Daniel Sampere, Vicente Cifuentes

I thought this was a Death of The Family tie-in but it's not so that automatically made it underwhelming for me. This issue has a different writer. He's not as good as Gail Simone but he's not bad. I also thought Ed Benes was doing the art in this issue but once again I was wrong. The art is similar but not quite as good. In this issue you have James Gordon Jr harassing his mother and sister though in very different ways. Commissioner Gordon is out to get all of Jokers thugs and his son. I feel like no matter what they do in this new story arc there's no way it'll be as good as Black Mirror which is a classic James Gordon Jr story. Despite that its is a different situation now that is quite interesting that made for a pretty decent issue.
Verdict: weak BUY

Marvel NOW! Secret Avengers #1 $3.99

Writer: Nick Spencer, Artist: Luke Ross
The art was dark, gritty and perfect for the espionage, spy theme. It's a little sketchy in style but not too much. The mission is Budapest. If you remember Black Widow saying something about this to Hawkeye in the Avengers movie that's what this is. Nick Fury is all of a sudden black in this issue which they refuse to explain, Daisy Johnson is the director of SHIELD, Maria Hill is acting director, and Phil Coulson as tactical support. The writing is clever, witty, funny, and well done. The characters seem mostly spot on. This issue is pretty heavy with spy stuff. The teams goes after an arms dealer with dark arts mastery. It was a very solid issue through and through. I have a good feeling this title will only get better.
Verdict: BUY 'n ADD

Doctor Who: Prisoner of Time #1 $3.99
Written by: Scott & David Tipton, Art by: Simon Fraser

Wow I was really surprised how good this was. The story, art, and writing was charming much like the characters themselves. This had one of the best intros I've ever read in comics. It references all doctors certain ones in particular but this story is about the 1st Doctor. It tells you all you need to know about the doctor within just a few pages. Doctor 1 and his companions visit Thomas Huxley, the famous biologist and defender of the ideas of Charles Darwin. Some of Huxley's students recently disappeared so of course the Doctor and his companions join in on the search. As it turns out this little visit ends up to be more than a routine search party. If you have watched an episode of Doctor Who this has all of those elements in spades. For those of you that haven't it was a very fun, clever, witty, and enjoyable ride but its only the beginning.
Verdict: BUY

Cyber Force #3
Marc Silvestri, Art: Khoi Pham, Sal Regala

The writing and narrative seems all over the place and that was just the first page. Theres lots of pop culture references but none if then seem to fit. This issue is very dry and boring for the most part. It's something you would come to expect from a #1 issue as it seems to be a lot of explanation. The emotion is intense and feels unwarranted. I had no idea what was going on and I didn't care. The language and dialogue is lame and vulgar just to be vulgar. The art on the other hand is rather impressive
but still not enough to interest me in this title.
Verdict: PASS

Marvel NOW! Avengers Assemble #12 $3.99
Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Art: Pete Woods, Scott Hanna

This was a very enjoyable, easy, fun, quick read. The characters just feel so real no matter what kinds of crazy stuff is going on. Essentially what's going on in this issue is Hawkeye and Spider-Woman join Black Widow on a "karma debt" that she owes. In doing so they meet up with an army of lizard people. We have a new artist on board but not only did I not really notice because it worked so well I practically forgot. As long as they continue putting high quality artists on this book and keep the writer I'm all in every issue.
Verdict: BUY

Star Wars #2 $2.99
Writer: Brian Wood, Artist: Carlos D'anda

Good, classic Star Wars story telling with a deeper look than ever. The characters look ridiculously similar to the actors, it's crazy. It's interesting to see a different side to all these characters like how cocky Luke gets, how much use Han is to the war effort, and how heavily this war is weighing on Leia. Leia recollects about her destroyed home planet. Han is on the run from the empire. Luke and Wedge take on an att
ack from a group of TIE fighters. Leia also recruits a select team of pilots for a special mission. The art continues to be consistently gorgeous, sharp, sleek, and extremely detailed. This will probably be the best Star Wars book for a while at least until Disney takes over and has Marvel release one.
Verdict: BUY


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