Talk Nerdy to Me 2012 Shows of The Year

There were a lot of good shows this year, sone of them new and some coming to an end. We all have different preferences and opinions on what our favorite show or season was. Find out what we had to say.

Now this may not seem all that nerdy but I will tell you how I assimilate with him and why. Dexter to me has always been awkward around people. He has to put on this fisaude to somewhat fit in with normal people. Being a nerd especially a Hispanic one has been tough growing up. Dexter has helped me somewhat fit it by showing how to cover up this other nerdy side of me. This season of Dexter took a dark and effed up turn. Starting with the fall out of his sister catching him in the act of murdering someone dramatically changed their relationship. This plagues Deb as well as Dexter through out the season. Dexter finds true love only to find out that you can never fully trust another killer. Dex also took a big step in accepting responsibility for his dark side rather than blaming it on some make believe dark passenger. This is one of the few seasons in which Dexter was growing as a person but the person that he was changing into may not be someone I can root for anymore and not because of bad writing like season 5 with Lumen but because he’s crossing a line he never has before. The conclusion to the season to this day still rattles me to the core of my being. A show that can do that to me is one that is not only my favorite but the best season and show of the year. Personally I don't think anything even comes close. The new animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is great though.
- Pablo Gunner
After LOST I lost faith in TV. Seven years of complete devotion suddenly trampled and spit on.  TV didn't sit well with me any more.  You invest in a story and characters but in the end you’re left with some cliché happy-ever-after Hollywood story with some kind of yoga loving indoctrinating bull crap… you could call me a TV Scrooge. I know, the Holidays are over so I should quit with the Christmas references but these three shows have made me a believer in the possibility of good literature on TV again. They have caused me to roam the streets forcing children to buy food for other people and to throw cripples on my shoulders shouting out good will and cheer for TV networks and all man-kind… which was a mistake because now I have to deal with four separate lawsuits but that’s beside the point.

So here is my best of 2012 TV list with some hope for the New Year.
#1: Breaking Bad.  It’s raw and uncut beauty. Every line, every beat, every character is intentional and well thought out. I have come to the conclusion that this may be some of the best writing ever to come out on TV. There aren't loose ends or unresolved ideas that the writers had to drop because they couldn't make sense of them. It’s clean… and oh so refreshing. Vince Gilligan(Breaking Bad’s creator) is this centuries’ Shakespeare and Walter White is his Hamlet.  Honestly, if you haven’t watched this show because of the subject matter I understand. Meth is a dark and destructive substance which this show makes no mistake exposing.  However, from the point of literature, this is a must watch show. 2013 holds the end of this show’s 5 seasons and it’s going to be a great start to the year!
#2: Dexter.  Dexter just finished up its latest season with a promise of an eighth. I can’t say I've always been confident in this show and I almost stopped watching in the middle of season 5. Yet this season’s finally was one of the best of best of the series! I absolutely loved it. Filled with shocking twists and turns and reeking of the essence of some kind of Greek tragedy, this show has made it to my all time favorite list. I’m certain that season 8 is going to finish off 2013 with a bang.

#3: The Walking Dead: Of my three top choices this one is the constant. Meaning that I’ll get to watch it all year long because of the way they have broken up the season.  I’m not really sure how I feel about that yet but for now I’m just glad there is more to come for season 3. As much as I love Shakespeare and Greek mythology I love zombies even more… I don’t know if this validates my opinion or not but whatever. I love zombies and that’s the main reason it’s in the top 3. However this show goes beyond the pure and simple flesh eating corpses and dives into the more dynamic aspect of humanity: communal survival. I think as we watched the elections this year we could all relate to a world without a functioning government over run by brainless evil zombies trying to eat us while we flee from them and try to protect our families. Out of all the shows on TV this one may be the most relatable.

So bam. That’s my list. I don’t have time for crap like Revolution and other shows that Abrams has out. I may be bitter but I don’t think he knows how to resolve a story. Just saying. Any way… Here is to 2013. May my top three list fair well and as little Timmy would say “Let go of me you freak.”… everyone.

PS. JJ Abrams sucks.
- Danchez


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