Writer Blake Acker
Art Brandon Scott Jensen
Colors/inks Jevon Campisi

Last week I picked up this local comic book at twin suns. I always like supporting the little guys. When I initially skimmed it, the book looked like it had iffy art. The cover was really well done, but the art does not relate to the cover. I felt like it was one of those DC or Marvel titles that lures you with a good cover art done by someone else. The art looks bad. Most people I showed that like comic book art thought I was joking when I told them this was a real book out. I noticed some typos, but if the writing is good than it doesn't matter.The writing was okay, but this issue did not feel like a number one issue. If I did not hear about this before reading it, I would have no idea what this book is about. I did not care for the book, but who knows it may get better in issue 2. I also did not care for the 4.99 price tag. Usually when Marvels has a comic for 4.99 it is an annual or final issue of a comic. Those issues are longer than normal issues. DC will have some 4.99 issues that come with the digital copy. This book was the size of a normal comic and had the higher price. Many of the comic readers are broke from Marvel Now and/or Batman.If you are looking for a great independent comic, I would recommend Ninja Turtles, Walking Dead, or Judge Dread. 
Verdict: Pass
By the Ambassador 


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