January 16 Comic Week in Review

This week for the Comic Week in Review we have a treat for you. This week we are covering MORE comics than we did than on the Comicast with the inclusion of Avenging Spider-Man, Captain America, and Captain Marvel. This week we also reviewed All-New X-Men, Savage Wolverine, New Avengers, Avengers Assemble, Indestructible Hulk, Daredevil, Batman, Batgirl, and Batman & Robin.
Marvel NOW! Avenging Spider-Man #16 $3.99
Writer: Christopher Yost, Art: Paco Medina & Juan Vlasco
This issue actually wasn't bad. Yost is doing his best with a bad situation. That bad situation is essentially the only thing that brings this down. Doc Ock as Spider-Man is awkward and not funny awkward but bad awkward. There's a reason we all hate Otto. He's a pompous, self-involved jerk. What is funny is that Yost is actually doing a better job than Slott is at his own story as he finds the perfect balance of good and evil for Octavius. The story plays off the tension of Otto getting found out as Spider-Man especially with him meeting up with the X-Men. Something that Slott doesn't even try but should that is done in Avenging is play off that Spidey IS acting weird and almost everybody notices. The challenge for Ock is trying to walk, talk, and act like true blue himself. How this all plays out is actually pretty well done and enjoyable unfortunately I still hate this contrived idea and the character of Otto Octavius. Just the way he talks annoys me but that IS the character. The art was quite impressive and enjoyable. All I know is that I love this art team but I would like to see them on a book I actually give a damn about. Personally I refuse to buy into this whole contrived Dan Slott bs but for all intents and purposes this issue was good.
Verdict: Strong SKIM
Marvel NOW! Captain America #3 $3.99
Writer: Rick Remender, Art: John Romita Jr. & Klaus Janson
Starts with a flashback about Arnim Zola that I could care less about and felt added nothing to the story. I have never liked Romita Jrs work but I really have been trying to give him a chance with this title unfortunately his art in this issue is the straw that broke the camels back. This may be some of the worst work I have ever seen him do. I looks so sloppy and unfocused. People have pencil necks and huge looking bobble heads. I've given up on this title. It's not getting any better if anything it's getting worse. The flashback to Steve as a boy helping another kid like himself should have been the best part but instead it was the weakest in both writing and art. This title is a PASS.
Verdict: PASS
Marvel NOW! Captain Marvel #9 $2.99
Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Art: Filipe Andrade
I did not like the art. It looked sloppy to me. The dialogue was instantly enjoyable, I won't deny that. Right away she gets roped into doing something for Stark. At first it seems like a normal day in the life of Carol Danvers until dinosaurs show up. Well it turns out that fighting dinosaurs is just something she fit into her schedule as it turns out to be exactly that, a normal day in the life of Captain Marvel. The language, people, and dialogue just seems so real. By the end of the book I had warmed up to the art despite still having minor issues with it. I just don't like the way people's faces look. It is a very unique, artistic, stylistic kind of art. The colors really pop with powerful bursts of energy. Overall is was a nice enjoyable story with a sad ending.
Marvel NOW! All-New X-Men #6 $3.99
Writer: BMB, Art: David Marquez
This issue feltfffxessccvc like more of a transitional set up feel to it was enjoyable nonetheless. It started with a great hook in which you don't know is real or fake at first. There was quite a few bonding moments between Jean and Kitty. We also see a role reversal of sorts with Logan and Scott. Angel also finally meets himself and its a pretty interesting interaction. This book primarily focused on character moments. The ending was as much of shocker as it was a revelation that things are going to get messy due to a certain monkey wrench getting thrown in the works. Overall it was a solid issue despite being slow paced.
Verdict: BUY
Marvel NOW! Savage Wolverine #1 $3.99
Story & Art: Frank Cho
What can I say, it's Frank Cho doing what he's best at. Well he may not be the best writer but I'll be damned if he's not one of the most talented artists in the biz. There should be no doubt that the art allow is worth the cover price. He no slouch when it comes to writing though. The story may seem pretty basic but dammit it's a fun and enjoyable ride. Logan wakes up in the Savage Land, kills some neanderthals, finds Shanna the very sexy She-Devil, and then dinosaurs attack. This was easily one of the most enjoyable and fun books of the week and the art is just absolutely delicious.
Verdict: BUY
Cover of The Week
Marvel NOW! New Avengers #2
Writer: Jonathan Hickman, Art: Steve Epting, Rick Magyar
Hickman really stepped it up in this issue. The first page is a recap of the first issue. The intro page was a great unique introduction to the illuminati infinity gem holders. It was great to see Reed Richards take the reins on being an interrogator which you don't think it would work but he has such a different approach that it works really well. One thing is made very clear that was missing from the first issue which is the explanation and severity of the situation at hand. My favorite part of this issue and the reason I will continue picking this title up is the tension between T'Challa and Namor with T'Challa informing Namor that when everything is said and done he WILL kill him. There were so many great moments in this issue. I won't bother explaining them all as its best to find out yourself. The art in this issue impressed me with the variation of clear, concise, organized, thematic styles of art.
Verdict: BUY n' ADD
Marvel NOW! Avengers Assemble #11 $3.99
Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Artist: Stefano Caselli
The artist really shows his chops in the first few pages with variations of Spiderwoman and his attention to detail with the big green guy. The dialogue is witty, fun, and smart. The villain turns out to be smarter than he looks. It's interesting to see that Tony does what has to be done and how Spiderwoman appeals to his and the hulks humanity. Surprisingly enough we see Thor unconventionally use his head to fix a problem. Unfortunately the villain wasn't as tough as he appeared but the way it ended was quite comical. The dialogue is probably the funnest part of this issue but the art is definitely the most enjoyable aspect.
Verdict: BUY
Marvel NOW! Indestructible Hulk #3 $3.99
Writer: Mark Waid, Art: Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan
The issue started interestingly enough with Maria Hill interviewing people to work with Banner, one of them being an inmate. From there it goes into a covert ops SHIELD operation. Lets just say it doesn't stay covert for long. AIM has something big up their sleeve as well though. The art is strong, intense, and powerful. The colors really pop and add add a whole other level to the art. My biggest problem with this issue is that there was not much of a challenge for the Hulk physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. I also know that Waid is just building a solid foundation before he starts taking on an awesome risk filled journey.
Verdict: BUY

Daredevil #22 $2.99
Writer: Mark Waid, Artist: Chris Samnee
Only a talented team like this one could make something as menial as exchanging money interesting. Instantly Matt Murdock is made a more relatable guy than most superheroes within the first few pages. I really like this issue because it plays off the fact that Doc Spidey isn't fooling anybody whether it be his cheesy villain speak or horrible fight banter. Daredevil knows there's something not right with his old buddy but he focuses on the major problems and prioritizes. Samnee really hit his stride in this issue. The art was so vivid, fun, and imaginative. I felt like I could actually smell the bacon cheesecake and it was revolting. Despite having my own misconception about the ending it was still a huge shock. Over a year later this title is still one of the best books being published.
Verdict: BUY

Batman #16 $3.99
Writer: Scott Snyder, Art: Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion
You wake up in prison on a cold hard floor, around you there are men in cells dressed as Batman & Joker dancing hand-in-hand with each other. This is how the book starts and shows you how demented Joker has become. Joker forces Batman to run the run gauntlet of sorts. Batman is as sharp and focused as ever being prepared for each challenge that comes his way. It is until he reaches the court with his jester, judge, and others is thrown off his game. With flies swarming the Jokers rotted face it appears that he may have fine achieved his life goal. The back up story by Tynion and Jock breaks down Harvey like I have never seen before using the Joker as the instrument and it plays out beautifully. My only complaint is that I can't see the finish line or where it will go from here.
Verdict: BUY
Batman & Robin #16 $2.99
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi, Art: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, & Keith Champagne
Father versus son, that's what has been eluded to at least. A drugged Damian Wayne is forced to fight his Joker poisoned and controlled father to the death. He goes through a process and cadre of emotions. At first he is resistant and persistent to make his dad snap out if it. Then he moves to more of a fine I'll just beat some sense into you. After a little of that he breaks and submits to the acceptance of his own death at the hands of his father. There was a great amount of tension throughout this book but after the big reveal it felt quite anticlimactic and almost cheap. The bad boy wonder may have failed in the test Jokers eyes but he definitely passed in mine. I'm pretty sure this is the most demented looking Joker of not just the death of the family books but of all time. 
Verdict: BUY
Batgirl #16 $2.99
Writer: Gail Simone, Art: Ed Benes, Daniel Sampere, Vicente Cifuentes
Who hasn't thought of choking out the Joker? Well Barbara dreams it and that's what we first see. Batgirl is set to marry Joker at his insane forced request. His pre-nup is all kinds of messed up for so many reasons. Then a game changer arrives but which team is he playing for. I put my money on nobody but himself. Seeing Batgirl take this opportunity of distraction to whoop ass is awesome unfortunately it's cut short. All of these end the same, with Joker presenting something bloody on a silver platter to each hero. This is the book in which I am most excited to see the conclusion to.
Verdict: BUY

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