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November Trade of The Month
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 2 Enemies Old, Enemies New
Ninja Turtles Volume 2 Review
I know most people following the trades are wondering why we are covering Volume 2 and not Volume 3. Well Volume 3 is better in comic book form than trade. Now that is out of the way straight to the review.
This trade does many important things to develop the Ninja Turtles world. The foot is finally established as the enemy of the turtles. The different color bandanas is finally integrated in a way that makes sense. Eastman sure does know how to write the series and keep the reader interested. This trade also introduces the purple dragons. Also Stockman is still up to no good and you discover who his employer is and how he got the ooze developed. Some of the old things have changed, but the book still has the feel of the old comics. This series and trade should be a strong buy for most comic readers. - Ambassador Jbemms
Verdict: Strong Buy

TMNT VOL. 2 Enemies Old, Enemies New
Continuing the ninja turtles story we go further down the proverbial rabbit hole. Splinter goes deeper into his past, and their fate. New gangs, villains, and enemies are revealed in a clever and natural process perfect for the comic book medium. It has a nice flow to it giving time for great character moments, building relationships, and creating an organic story that is character driven and makes sense no matter how outlandish it gets. The intensity builds with each flip of the page. You can feel the emotion of the characters especially the turtles as you can see it in their faces and hear it in their voices. The art has an updated, cleaned up, polished feel on the classic ninja turtles art style. If you're not reading this series you're really missing out because it is an absolutely perfect marriage of old school TMNT comics and present day which makes it the best title for hardcore and new fans alike to jump into. - Pablo Gunner
Verdict: Strong BUY

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