The Hobbit Review

The Hobbit
Well if you like the book you will like the movie. I felt the movie was to long, but it was enjoyable  For everyone who does not know the movie is part one of 3. The Hobbit has many characters that it has to focus on. Some people felt that all the dwarves  were not separable  I feel that it was not doable to introduce every dwarve. This movie finally help people understand why Bilbo is a likable character. The first movie pretty much leads up to the Misty Mountains. It also shows how Bilbo got the ring. The movie isa lot more light haerted than LOTR just because the book is for children. The movie does show what happens when Gandalf leaves and comes back. A lot of the extra content was taken from appendix from Return of the King. 

First and foremost I want to say the book is always better. That being said this is the best book to film iteration of The Hobbit ever made just like Lord of The Rings(LOTR). You won't find or get a better version of this. Directed by Peter Jackson, you should already know what you're getting into, all things considered. The real question is, is it better than LOTR? Well that's a loaded question now isn't it. Visually it is superior as technology has advanced so the graphics are better without a doubt but what about the cast and the story. 
The cast is considerably larger in this first film as there are fourteen characters on this unexpected journey. This mostly detracts because there is not enough time in the film to learn most of the dwarves names, abilities, personality traits and characteristics. This causes a problem because when their lives are at stake and you can't even remember their names much less what they do how are you suppose to be invested enough to care substantially. Despite that they ARE all different and each actor did a superb job in their respective role no matter how little they had to work with. The main characters were obviously Bilbo Baggins played by Martin Freeman, Gandalf, and the dwarf king, Thorin. Martin Freeman was absolutely phenomenal as he was charming in his portrayal of Bilbo to the point of being adorable. As we all should know by now Ian McKellan is spectacular as he delivered his lines with power and grace. There was quite a bit of focus put on Thorin in the story more than expected. Richard Armitage did a great job as Thorin but no stand out performance in particular.
As said most of the film is focused around Thorin consisting of lots of action. The action scenes were impressively choreographed flowing well. It took some time before Bilbo was out of the shire but after that it was almost non-stop action for a good portion of the film. I must confess that it has been some time since I have read or seen the animated Hobbit so I don't remember exactly how close or well paced to this to the film. The way I see it is whether or not they are the same or not it doesn't completely matter because books and film are so different it is nearly impossible to recreate without making an extremely long and at times boring movie. What matter is that it keeps true to the main story and heart of the characters. Also I will not deny that I may have appreciated this film more because of the nostalgia that comes with it of reading the books when I was younger, getting to see the LOTR movies during high school, and now The Hobbit movies now almost a decade after high school.
So is it better than LOTR, probably not as the stakes were higher and the main characters were fewer in number therefore making it easier to connect with them nonetheless this is as good as it gets. In closing I would like to say that I enjoyed this film very much. The pacing was touch and go, go, go with some nice slow moments and then an onslaught of action for a while but it worked. I did find myself waiting for the end just because I didn't know when it would come and to be honest it was long though I didn't mind. As a stand alone movie its good but as a full story it will be splendid. I'm looking forward to the next two moreso. So if you're a LOTR, Hobbit, or Tolkien fan this is a MUST SEE in theatres as well as a BUY when it comes out on DVD but if you're not, well you ought to know if you like these kinds of movies by now considering we've already seen three of them about a decade ago. 


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