December 5 Comic Week in Review

Hey fellow comic book fans this week for the comic week in review we are covering books that were not covered on the comicast, enjoy.

The Amazing Spider-Man #699 $3.99
Writer: Dan Slott, Art: Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba
Otto Octavius has found a way to switch his decaying body with Peter Parker's. Now with only hours to live Peter must find a way to get back into his own body. Using Doc Ocks memories and sinister contacts Pete finds a way out of the Raft. Next step get his body back. The story is intriguing and art is pretty solid.
Verdict: SKIM - Pablo Gunner

The story was fairly strong for Dan Slott writing. Ramos did an amazing job on the art. I like the twist and turns on the story so far. I am just sad to see the series go out okay instead of great. Issue 700 will still be a big deal. 
Virdect: Strong Skim - Ambassador Jbemms

Marvel NOW! Thunderbolts #1 $2.99
Writer: Daniel Way, Art: Steve Dillon
Besides Frank Castle who's practically forced is the only one that has a reason to join this team and maybe Venom/Flash. I still dislike Dillons art as its ugly to me and not in a good gritty dark style either. I'm glad I didn't pay for this because it would have been a waste of my money as it was a waste of my time as well. Essentially this book was about Thunderbolt Ross(Red Hulk) recruiting Venom(Flash), Deadpool, Electra, and primarily Punisher. Barely any of it made sense. It was lame and ugly.
Verdict: PASS - Pablo Gunner

The art was pretty good. I just wish that the writers would take their time on gathering up a team. It is not like the Avengers where Captain America or Stark can assign people. I felt the punisher was done well, but I feel like I was not given any reason for Elektra and Deadpool to be on the team. The art was actually pretty good, but the story was weak.
Virdect: Pass - Ambassador Jbemms

Marvel NOW! Red She-Hulk #60 $2.99
Writer: Jeff Parker, Art: Pagulayan, Alves, Tartaglia
The art is ever impressive and awesome from beginning to end with a deeply detailed and intricate art style. In the middle of story arc that I have not read thus far I was little confused as first but was caught up to speed. I was enthralled as to how unique, different, and unknown this story was and where it went. I thoroughly enjoyed this issue for a lot of reasons a few of them being story, characters, and art. Red She-Hulk(Betty Ross) is on the run trying to destroy a new super soldier program while being chased super computer robot, Machine Man. Machine finds her motivations for what she has been doing as do we. Nikola Tesla makes a cameo and if that doesn't give you enough reason to read this you need to get your priorities straight.
Verdict: BUY - Pablo Gunner

The art was awesome. I felt like this could have been a number one issue. I was not lost at all. The story hooked me in. I actually cared for Betty within one issue. I also enjoyed the writing and the how the reveals worked with this. 
Virdect: Solid Buy

Star Wars-Purge: The Tyrant's Fist #1 $3.50
Script: Alexander Freed, Art: Castiello, Chella
It's done from the point of view of somebody who is filling the paperwork of a mission. A mission taking place after order 66 in which Vader is hunting down remaining Jedi. These Jedi happen to be hiding in a place where the people support aide Jedi. At first this just seems to be a go there, find them, kill them mission but by the end of the issue it ends up being much more than that. The art is pretty well done for the most part with the exception of a few awkward panels. The style is that of a detailed almost sketchy theme. 
Verdict: SKIM - Pablo Gunner

This story takes place after the Emperor took over the republic (after Revenge of the Sith). The Empire is young and still has not killed all of the Jedi's. Darth Vader is responsible for hunting them down. Many of the Jedi's are key figures in small rebellions. The Emperor has to help Vader use his wits and not go overboard. The Empire needs good pr or it could collapse from the inside. The art looked really good. Vader looked hard core in almost every panel he was in.
Verdict: Strong Buy - Ambassador Jbemms

Detective Comics #15 Death of The Family $3.99
Writer: John Layman, Artist: Jason Fabrook
The art fluctuates in quality from mediocre, bad, and good but not great nor ever impressive. I don't know why it was a Death of The Family tie-in as it only had a few references to it and that's it. This was mostly about Batman dealing with a vine infused Clayface which ties into Poison Ivy. I didn't care for the art or story as they were both mediocre at best.
Verdict: PASS - Pablo Gunner


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