December 19 Comic Week in Review

This week for the Comic Week in Review Pablo Gunner and Ambassador Jbemms do written reviews for the weeks most questionable titles: Journey Into Mystery, Thunderbolts, Scarlet Spider, Cable & X-Force, Avengers Arena, Ultimates, A+X, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Batwoman.
Marvel NOW! Journey Into Mystery #647 $2.99
Writer: Kathryn Immonen, Artist: Valerio Schiti
The art is absolutely stunning and spectacular. It just feels so nice, smooth, cool, and soft. It is beautiful, exquisite, and intricately detailed. For some reason Sif is being a royal bitch to everyone and has a hunger for violence. This forces Heimdal to take measure and in doing so banishes he to a far away land. I thoroughly enjoyed the last issue whereas I was completely disappointed the path that this character took. Right now it makes no sense to me but I believe it will farther into this story arc.
Verdict: SKIM - Pablo Gunner

The story was good, but I did not like hoe Sif was more aggressive and angry this issue. I felt  they needed to her to show signs of fight the berserker magic in her. The art was really good and high quality. I hope the next issue helps solve the little issues I had with it.
Verdict: WEAK BUY - Ambassador Jbemms

Marvel NOW! Thunderbolts #2 $2.99
Writer: Daniel Way, Artist: Steve Dillon
The art looks better but it's still Dillon so I still don't care for it. This would have been a lot better #1 issue. This one was actually cool. I don't care for wearing red as I prefer individualism but it works even if certain characters, Venom, look dumb. At a certain point the art takes over as the main storyteller. I'm actually starting to like these characters and this team. This creative team is actually gelling pretty well too. It may be cheesy at times but it can be dark too and that's just fine with me because it actually works. 
Verdict: BUY - Pablo Gunner

This book has a lot of potential. but does not reach it. The art in this book subpar on art. The story is okay, but nothing great. I can understand why Red Hulk, Punisher, and Venom work together, but Elektra and Deadpool were not written well and do not fit in. The three military guys know how to work in the team, but why are the other 2 fighting. Even the Avengers this week explained how they got their team members with a few panels. 
Verdict: PASS - Ambassador Jbemms
Scarlet Spider #12.1 $2.99
Writer: Chris Yost, Art: Paulo Siquera, Neil Edwards, Victor Olazaba, Tom Palmer, Fabio D'Auria
I was instantly sucked in by the art alone. I haven't seen art like this on a regular Spider-Man title in a while. This is not your run of the mill Spider story either as it is not Peter Parker. Surviving clone of the Clone Wars saga, Kaine, is a different man with different ideals, "with great power also comes the ability to rain down hell on those who prey on the weak." This was also a great introduction to this title and character playing a little catch up but mostly introducing a storyline possibly involving a Spider-Man/Daredevil villain sometime in the future. A man that doesn't hold back with a badass suit and a different code, I'm in.
Verdict: BUY - Pablo Gunner
Well this comic is bringing villains from Spider-man. The art is really good. The suit actually works really well the comic. The story is really strong. This book was  an easy read and easy to jump on as a new reader. The point did a good job at being a good starting point. 
Verdict: STRONG BUY - Ambassador Jbemms

Marvel NOW! Cable & X-Force #2 $3.99
Writer: Dennis Hopeless, Artist: Salvador Larroca
They're not a team yet and I don't know how they'll get there but I sure as hell want to find out. Colossus comes into the fold in this issue, Domino and Hope tackle the techno virus problem. If you're not a fan of Larroca's work you should be because it's phenomenal. I'm really liking how this story and team is slowly piecing and coming together.
Verdict: BUY - Pablo Gunner

First off I would like to welcome Larroca to the series. He is the new artist. You may recognize him from Invincible Iron Man. His art is a level up from the first issue. The story is still strong. Cable is still hiding his secret from Hope. The story is strong. The characters are likable. 
Verdict: STRONG BUY - Ambassador Jbemms
Marvel NOW! Avengers Arena #2 $2.99
Writer: Dennis Hopeless, Artist: Kev Walker
Rebecca Ryker, the daughter of the man that made Deathlok is the main focus of this issue. Her back story is interesting and similar to Cyborg. Hopeless is a good fit on art for this book. We also get to meet and find out about a few contestants. This issue was a lot of exposition, backstory, and introduction.
Verdict: BUY - Pablo Gunner

I felt less lost in this book. I am still not too much of a fan of this story. I like how I finally found out who the students of Braddock are. The art is good in this issue. I feel that this issue is easier to read if you read or know about the Avengers Academy. 
Verdict:  WEAK SKIM - Ambassador Jbemms
Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #19 $3.99
Writer: Sam Humphries, Art: Scot Eaton, Rick Magyar, Matt Milla
Art looks as good as ever. Steve Rogers is starting to have to deal with real politics, Stark is doing reconstruction benefits wherever he can showing off his new patriotic armor, and then we find out there is a mole in SHIELD. There are some interesting and mind blowing developments beginning. It's great to see a new story arc, chapter, the effects and fall out of the Divided We Fall/United We Stand tie in.
Verdict: BUY - Pablo Gunner

The Iron Patriot suit is awesome. I almost think Stark truly wants to be VP in this story. He is trying to help reunite this country by being patriotic. A certain agent is actually hiding in disguise as his Marvel 616 counterpart. I hope they do this story well.
Verdict: BUY - Ambassador Jbemms
A+X #3 
Black Panther+Storm
Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Pasqual Ferry
Art is quite phenomenal and unique in textures and tones with the artistic water color style. This was a sad but touching story. Both Ororoe and T'Challa look like the peak of beauty and human perfection. Nothing really happened, Storm made weather for Wakanda, Panther sought her out and they talked.
Writer: James Asmus, Artist: Billy Tan
The art is impressive in a wholly different way. A creature pops up out of the ground, takes a lady hostage, and then Clint and Remy compete to save the damsel. I didn't really care for this story as it was mostly just Barton and Lebeau jabbing eachother while competing for the lady's affection against a random monster. The jokes were cheap and forgettable.
I enjoyed the first story but overall they both hold no weight and have no point. I thought this book was meant to pair an Avenger and a X-Men together as teammates on an important mission together. The only things this issue provides is something like to look at.
Verdict: SKIM - Pablo Gunner

A + X #3
The art was well done. The characters were done well. Both stories had action. I liked how Storm was behind the scenes for the first part. I liked how this gave conclusion between Black Panther and Storm.
Verdict: BUY - Ambassador Jbemms
Green Lantern #15 $2.99
Writer: Geoff Johns, Art: Doug Mahnke
The art has the slightest of inconsistencies that are barely noticeable and is due to all the inkers but is overall impressive especially the colors. The story jumps around a little but sticks to a main focus of newest Green Lantern Simon Baz. The development of this plot is going along greatly with it starting to fully tie into Rise of the Third Army. The Rise of the Third Army seems like a repeat generic GL story but interesting nonetheless. I’m really enjoying this new Lantern character the most.
Verdict: BUY - Pablo Gunner

I am impressed with  this series. I enjoy the art and the story a lot. I only with that Hal Jordan and Sinestro were staying dead. He tried to clear his name, but it did not go as planned. He also does not know about charging his ring. I really like the direction this book is going and think it will get even better
Verdict: BUY - Ambassador Jbemms
The story was okay. It was good to see Hera being more casual now. I just want the story to move on. Like Batwoman this was a filler story. I think I could skip this book and be okay. I like it when a book stands on its own, but adds to the story. The art was good, good art can only go so far.
Verdict: PASS - Ambassador Jbemms
The art was lacking to page spreads. The story was very linear. This week the story was about Kate's Girlfriend. I felt this whole issue was a filler issue and did not move the story along. I think I could read the next issue and not even need to know what happened this issue. The art was not as good. If DC keeps putting out weak comics I will have to  drop a lot of comics. 
Verdict: PASS - Ambassador Jbemms


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