Skyfall "Spoiler-free" Review

If you haven't heard yet Skyfall is one of the greatest Bond movies of all time. It's all about taking it back to the basics in so many ways. It's not a deep, intricate, confusing, or convoluted plot in fact it's quite the opposite. The story is simple and pretty easy to figure out especially considering how much publicity and advertising there has been of this movie. As the saying goes its not about the destination it's about the journey or trip it took to get there. Now I know what you may be thinking, what does this have to do with anything nerdy? Well growing up as a nerd myself I have always loved Bond as he is a ladies man, drives sexy cars and shoots hot guns not to mention he always gets the bad guy no matter what. This film was full of exotic, tantalizing locations that make you feel like you're really there and who wouldn't want to be. Skyfall had everything that every 007 movie should. It had a few lovely ladies, Moneypenny, M, wit, gun fights, a villainous adversary, fast cars, Q, and lots of action. The villain played by Javier Bardem was done in such a menacing and theatrical way and you almost felt bad for him if he wasn't so easy to hate. I especially liked this one because Bond seems so relatable, human, and vulnerable. At one point they literally take it back to the basics when Bond is down to one of his classic cars, a couple of shotguns, pistols, and a knife. Somehow this formula was perfect. I can't stop thinking about how great it was in so many different ways and how much I really want to see it again. So quit wasting your time reading this and go see it already.

Verdict: BUY


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