Fall Movies?

Hey friends. I’ve seen a lot of movies lately in regular and dollar theaters. I’m a slacker so I just did some short reviews for them and I think they're all fall movies, enjoy.

Bourne Legacy 
I really only saw this movie because I love Jeremy Renner as an actor. I've seen the first two Bourne movies a while back so I definitely wasn't on the up and up on my Bourne knowledge. That being said I felt like I needed to be. There was a lot of unexplained things going on through out the entire film. When I go into a movie I don't want to feel like I should have to do any kind of research like watching previous related movies or reading. Jeremy Renner was great as he is in everything he does and was easily the most interesting character in the film despite how little he had to work with. The main plot was that because Jason Bourne got found out the agency that "created" him is taking out all the others like him. Jeremy Renner's character, Aaron Cross finds a way to survive and joins up with the only surviving agency scientist, actress Rachel Weisz, to cure himself of a fail safe virus. This movie could have been a pretty solid film but it failed miserably by being vague and action packed minus a reason, motivation, explanation behind it.
Verdict: PASS

Total Recall
First of all this film has absolutely nothing to do with the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie though there are a few nods to it. As much as it seems like a sci-fi flick it's more of an all out non-stop action movie. Being that it is such Collin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, and Jessica Biel do most of the work and do it extremely well. The real actors, Bryan Cranston and Bill Nighy, do all the real acting in the few scenes they have. This movie does try to mess with your head a few times but nothing  you can't see coming or figure out. Overall it was a fun movie to watch but it wasn't very deep just action packed awesome.
Verdict: RENT
There's no reason to compare this to the other one. We live in a time with exponentially higher quality graphics and better actors. Keith Urban dons the helmet of Judge Dredd in this hardcore dystopian future overrun with crime. The plot is simple, Dredd gets stuck with a psychic rookie to take down a gang and has 200 floors to get to the leader. Dredd has a gun that reminded me of the different ammo types you have in Mass Effect and made me wish that there was at least an old school 2D game of this movie. The rookie proved to be a lot more than just a setback or nuisance in fact she kind of reminded me of a young Samus out of the armor of course. All in all I was very surprised and impressed with this badass judge, jury, and executioner character film with wicked awesome slo-mo brutal deaths.
The best way to describe this film is the way it was described to me by someone, there's a whole other story that they don't even show in the trailers. The base plot is that Joseph Gordon Levitts character which looks uncannily like Bruce Willis is a hitman that has to take out the future version of himself that is Bruce Willis' character. What you don't know is that old Joe has other motives other than just staying alive. I don't want ruin it for anybody because all the twists are really mind blowing. Yes there is a lot of action but this really boils down to a supremely made sci-fi time travel movie with a stellar cast, genius plot(s),  and prime acting. This film is definitely worth multiple views.
Verdict: BUY


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