Fall 2012 Premieres



I've always thought Green Arrow is stupid and a joke. In this iteration of Oliver Queen he's a rich spoiled tween that was shipwrecked on an island for 5 years. The man that comes back from that island is neither a joke or stupid. This is definitely the coolest, most realistic, version of Green Arrow I've seen shot similar to Smallville though not at all related. I won't deny that it wasn't a little over the top but what superhero tale isn't. The action was pretty cool and mostly believable. My only complaints are that the fighting was too fast and the lighting could have been better during some of those action scenes to make them less confusing and easier to follow. I won't say that I'm won over, yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more.


Just to get it out of the way. The issue most of us have is the fact that the show is called Arrow and not Green Arrow. I like how they are mixing a few variations of the Green Arrow comics to make their guy. I am glad that they included the island for the story line. Now he has to adjust to normal life after being on an island for 5 years. He also wants to help Star City become less corrupt. He takes on the person of Arrow (Green Arrow). I like how they include Robin Hood jokes with the show. The action scenes are fun to watch. Sometimes it does get confusing with how fast it gets. I really like the character development in the series.I am anciously awaiting more and hope the series stays awesome.



This is a fresh, new, unique, fast paced take on TMNT. Being that this is on nickelodeon you can tell it's definitely aimed toward young kids as most cartoons are. Due to this fact the show wastes no time explaining the backstory and showing action. In this iteration Splinter use to be human and was transformed into a humanoid rat by the ooze. The details aren't what matter in this show though it's the turtles. Each turtle has their own unique voice literally, physically, and personality. The the animation is a 3D style that is a little odd and takes a little getting use to. The characters look good but the backgrounds look like awful 2D movie sets. The thing that rings true with every episode is that it's fast paced and lots of fun. If you have kids they'll love but if you're an old school hardcore TMNT fan this might be a pass but it's most definitely still worth checking out. As for me it's a must see very week. 

Dexter Season 7

OMG! This is what I could not stop myself from saying throughout the first episode of the new season. I was tripping balls the whole time as it was easily the most intense premiere I've ever experienced. It's the thing that we all feared the most yet thought it might never happen but it did and this is the beginning of the fallout. The actual opening of the show was kind of a Tarantino mind f**k that plays out quite well. They could have dragged out the conclusion to this episode throughout the season but they didn't. It made more sense this way but we'll have to wait to see if it works better too. As intense as the premier was there is now way they can keep this level of tension throughout the season but considering the way it's going it's just a matter of time until it boils over the top just like Dexter.
Verdict: MUST SEE


First of all this series is based on a true story about the former Las Vegas sheriff Ralph Lamb. The Pilot episode was filmed here in Albuquerque, NM and Las Vegas, NM. So some of you might see some familiar faces. The story starts off with Ralph Lamb getting called by emergency to be the Sheriff. He does it so he can protect his land. he was raised a cowboy living on a ranch his whole life. He also served in the war where he had some experience as an investigator. He decides to take on the Mafia in Las Vegas. Even though you know the outcome of the story you still want to root for the hero. If you like Vegas, the 60's, or a cowboy taking the Mofia, it is a fun show to watch.


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