Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 Film Review

Verdict: BUY
First of all I want to say that I've never actually read The Dark Knight Returns and I'm sorry for being a horrible comic book fan because of it. Part of the reason that I love buying these DC animated films is to see how well they inspire me to read or buy the material that it is based off of. That being said I'm really glad that they broke it down into two parts so that I can buy the book and review the next film from a different point of view. Now that I've bored you all to death, LET'S DO THIS!

Bruce Wayne is retired and old, Gordon is about to retire, and Gotham needs Batman once again. A new threat has risen, the mutants. Harvey Dent is released back into society as a physically and mentally fully rehabilitated individual. With all of these things combined Bruce is forced out of retirement with a desperate comeback. Bruce arms up to take on an old adversary and  take down a new one. Being that this is Part 1 the story bears bountiful fruit thus far.

The cast is different from past Batman films as the characters are all older and actors are lesser known, the biggest names being Peter Weller(Robocop) and Ariel Winter(Modern Family). Peter Weller voices the aged Bruce Wayne. The new self appointed female Robin is played by Ariel Winter. Most people who voice Batman do an altered voice when Wayne is suited up but Peter Weller did not. That's just fine though because Bruce Wayne is an old man that could care less about altering his voice when donning the Batsuit. Everyone did a stellar job but Weller was the star of the film as Ariel Winter was the uplifting co-star.

The graphics and art style were as impressive as ever. Visually it wasn't monumentally different or cutting-edge but what it did was perfect the 90s animated style. It looked kind of retro but also really sharp as well.

The film is very dark and possibly the most violent of animated DC films. Ariel Winters provides hope and color as female Robin in this depressing, sullen tale of truth, and self-realization for Bruce Wayne spectacularly played by Peter Weller. The story is one of redemption, self-realization, a beacon of hope in dark times. I will most undoubtedly be purchasing the book as this film did a perfect job of inspiring me to read the graphic novel. Here's a list of extras on the Blu-Ray: Special Features-A Sneak Peek at Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2, A Sneak Peek at Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Her Name is Carrie . . . Her Role is Robin Featurette, Batman & Me: The Bob Kane Story Featurette, From the Vault: 2 Bonus Cartoons, Trailers-DCU Application, Thundercats, The Dark Night Rises, Before Watchmen. It should go without saying that the film is a BUY but the quality and quantity of extras make this worth a BUY all on its own.


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