The Hunger Games Review

I would like to conduct this review in a respectful way but I'm not quite sure if I can contain myself. Here goes nothing much like the film itself. Guess I couldn't do it, oh well. No matter how bad this review turns out to be it'll still be exponentially better than the colossal waste of time and money that this movie is. AND I didn't even see it in a regular theater. I forced myself to sit through this craptastic movie at the damn dollar theater and yes I truly believe it could not have been a bigger waste of time and money even though I only spent $2 to see it and 2hrs22mins enduring it. So instead of just talking crap about Hunger Games like an idiot I'll actually explain myself.

From beginning to end I felt lost and confused. It was as if there was something that they weren't explaining to me. I felt like I was being punished for not reading the book. I've never read the books and yet I felt like I had to just to understand or care about anything that was going on. I don't know how close to the book this movie was but I felt like I was watching a book with little explanation or character development and progression. My biggest issue with books made into movies is that they are completely different forms of entertainment and should be treated as such but are usually not. What I'm saying is that books can be slow and boring but are deep and descriptive with a great pay off. This was movie very boring at times and dragged on much like a book can with none of the positives of a book. If this is an example of the books then by god I'm glad I haven't read them because this thing was god awful.

There could have been some really powerful moments but unfortunately due to silenced scenes and lack of caring for characters they fell flat. I don't know how many scenes in which things were happening that I had no idea what the motivation of it happening was. I’ve heard that this series is about revolution but all the scenes that could or would have been great examples of this were missed and or failed opportunities. All of the actors put on a very mediocre performance despite having some pretty solid actors such as Donald Sutherland and Woody Harrelson just to name a couple. Another thing that just irked the crap out of me, almost literally, was the shotty and messy confusing camera work for the action/fighting scenes that had me annoyed and left me dissatisfied.

This movie was boring and drull almost the whole time. I consider it straight up garbage. I would rather watch Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance again than have to watch another minute of the giant steaming pile of crap that the Hunger Games was. May the odds be ever in your favor by not ever wasting your time or money on this movie, if you can even call it that, because it is a PASS, possibly the biggest PASS in my TNTM career and easily the PASS OF THE YEAR for me personally.


  1. It was over for me early on. There was a flashback to the scene where the old woman gives her the mockingjay pendant about 15 minutes after the initial scene and it pretty much played the whole scene over. Reminds me of the sex scenes in 'The Room'

  2. Ya, it was bad. I was tempted to walk out so many times the one you mentioned being one of them.


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