The Amazing Spider-Man(Spoiler Free) Review

First of all you need to know that this is a reboot, not a prequel, though it kind of feels like it could be, and definitely not a continuation. Also know that Marc Webb is trying to go for a different somewhat more realistic retelling of Peter Parker's origin while trying not to copy what Sam Raimi did with the first Spider-Man movie. As a fanboy you may cringe for the things they did differently and be incited with glee for the things that kept close to the comics. The cast was absolutely stellar in each of their respective roles. The thing I was most worried about was the graphics but ended up genuinely impressed.

As a hardcore Peter Parker/Spider-Man fan there were a few things that irked me but at the same time made more sense. I also feel like the things they changed the most were mainly because they didn't want it to be the same as the other Spider-Man. These things were primarily about the origin story. Despite the minor tiffs that I had with these lesser changes I absolutely loved and prefer this Peter Parker, Spider-Man, story, characters, and cast.

The cast was a big part of what made Amazing Spider-Man a step above the rest. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had such a perfectly intense chemistry as Gwen and Peter that made Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst look like amateurs. Andrew Garfield did a spot on job with Spidey's quips, as well as Peters awkwardness, and  intellect. The rest of the cast, Sally Fields, Martin Sheen, Dennis Leary, did such a spectacular job that enveloped you into the story and made you genuinely care. Rhys Ifans also put on a solid performance.

I'm glad that when Dr. Curt Connors transformed into the Lizard that he wasn't just a blundering, unintelligent, poorly designed monster. You could see actually Rhys Ifans' face in the Lizard. It was easy to understand the scientist within the monster through speech and motive. They were separate and one in the same as his motivations were understandable as both. The CGI looked incredibly well done especially of the Lizard and throughout the film. Every single action sequence felt so natural and fitting of Spider-Man.

A lot of people may feel like Amazing Spider-Man was very similar to the other Spider-Man movie which it obviously was because they both told the origin story. Marc Webb's retelling of this tale was far more realistic and closer to the actual source material. Everything in this film was better especially the cast with the Emma Stone/Andrew Garfield chemistry being the best of it. The CGI was overly impressive particularly The Lizard. It was also the best 3D movie I’ve seen this year. Did we need another Spider-Man origin story? No, we didn't, but it couldn't have been done any better. I would definitely recommend this film as a BUY as I will be seeing it multiple times in theaters and purchasing it on Blu-Ray when it comes out.


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