7/18 Comic Week In Review

BEFORE WATCHMEN: Silk Spectre #2 of 4
Script: Darwyn Cooke & Art: Amanda Conner
I could not love this character more unless she was real. Each page drips with beauty and sexiness. Laurie is absolutely gorgeous, smart, funny, witty, cool, and she kicks ass. She is quickly climbing up my list of favorite female comic characters. I love strong female characters and personalities and she is exactly that. The writing seems for fitting of a girl her age and for the times. As bright and happy this book is and starts off it also gets dark and a little rated R or M in this case. Gorgeous visuals with beautiful colors and superb writing make this one of the best books and one of the best of the Before Watchmen books out there.
Verdict: BUY
Nightwing #11
Writer: Higgins, Artist: Andres Guinaldo
New artist that almost looks the same but not quite. The art is good but not quite up to par to what we're use to. What I missed the most was seeing Dicks silhouette in action. The writing was consistent even if it's not as intense as it was during the Night of The Owls cross over event. That being said it was still a very solid and good book despite some less than impressive panels.
Verdict: BUY
Batwoman #11
Writing: JH Williams III & W Haden Blackman, Artist: Trevor McCarthy
This may be the end of a story arc but it sure doesn't feel like it even if there were a few resolutions. This title has been a lot of doom and gloom for me as far as story telling is concerned and we finally get some hope in this issue. There's quite a few great character moments in this issue. I was a little confused at first but by the end of the issue it was all very clear to me. The art is alluring and enticing with the the brilliant panel layouts and structure. My biggest issue with this title is that despite how consistently good each issue is I feel that this story is snailing along too slowly for me and therefore would be much more enjoyable in trade.
Verdict: BUY
Wonder Woman #11
Writer: Azzarello, Artist: Chiang
Chiang is back and it makes all the difference when wondering about picking this title up. The answer is yes and it's always yes when Chiang is the artist. This new take on Greek mythology  continues to be fresh, exciting, unique, and intriguing as the god fight amongst themselves for the throne is the missing Zeus making whatever kind of back rooms deals to succeed. This gets to be more of a problem in this issue for Diana when it involves her friends one in specific to the point they end up having to throw down with the sun and moon gods. We also find out that Wonder Woman is 23 so that jacked me up and gives me hope that I may actually have a chance. This title has been consistently great since issue one and that still holds true as long as Chiang is on art but the story telling has always been top notch. 
Verdict: BUY
Uncanny X-Men #15 AvX Tie-In
Writer: Gillen, Artist: Acuña
This title went from mediocre to one of the best x-books in just a few issues. The art is unique and surreal. The colors are strong, powerful bursts of brights offsetting the darks and grays. The story telling is superb in the sense that last issue they told you what's going to happen and in this issue they show you but it still surprises you and blows you away at the same time. I haven't rooted for this team in a long time but this issue did that for me. I can't wait to see what the next issue has in stores for us.
Verdict: BUY
Avengers vs X-Men Round 8
Script: BMB, Art: Adam Kubert
The story picks up exactly where it left off with Namor conducting a full frontal assault on Wakanda and the Avengers. We have a new artist on pencils being Kubert and he does a superb job. I had minor issues with a few panels that I felt were not essential to the story as well as detracted from it a little bit. Besides that minor tiff this was the only issue that I had with this issue. The art may be the best in the series yet as it did things I had yet to see in this event such as the unique panel lay out and an iconic weapon that popped out of the page. The story itself was just one giant battle against Namor. It's interesting to see how this is all playing out and what's happening next.
Verdict: BUY
Captain Marvel #1
Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Artist: Dexter Soy
The story was really lacking, slow, and boring. I did not care for the dialogue or the characters. The art is a completely different story though that almost makes this worth buying alone. I've never heard of this artist before but his art is absolutely stunning in this. The colors, style, use of shading are what make this art so great. I have no interest in getting the next issue. They could have made this title in a smart and emotional way but they failed.
Verdict: SKIM
Wolverine #309
Writer: Ivan Brandon, Art: Rafael Albuquerque, Jason Latour
Great stand alone one-shot story with some of the best Wolverine art I've ever seen. This was a  random flashback issue about Logan going on another one of his many escapades when Elixir decides to join him. It takes place sometime after M day and after Elixir joined X-Force. You get to see multiple facets of Wolverine like the ladies man/lover, mentor, fighter, and of course killer. This issue literally has nothing to do with the last story arc but the art alone is worth it and the writing makes this one hell of a book.
Verdict: BUY
Daredevil #15
Writer: Waid, Artist: Samnee
Samnee still on art and I'm still loving it. This title continues to blow my mind every single issue with Waids stellar writing. I did not want this issue to end and I can't wait for the next one to come out. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time because it was so intense all the way through. The art was so simple yet intricate at the same time. I never thought I would be a big Daredevil fan as I always thought he was a joke being a blind man that can see with radar but I have been proved wrong because now he is one of my all time favorite heroes.
Verdict: BUY

CoTW: Daredevil #15
SoTW: Uncanny X-Men #15
PoTW: AvX Round 8
BnBoTW: Daredevil #15


  1. Amanda Conner always does great art on women. Except for that cover. Spectre's face looks wonky.

  2. That cover is abstract so it's allowed and meant to be weird and wonky


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