7/11 Comic Week In Review

Avenging Spider-Man #9
Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Art: Terry & Rachel Dodson
Peter Parker flies with Carol Danvers, the new Captain Marvel. It was really fun at first and the art was enjoyable. Then a girl who looks and dresses like Hope but isn't shows up and causes flight complications. Spidey and Captain Marvel suit up to handle this situation  only to make things worse. The art seemed to fluctuate in quality especially towards the ends in a certain large panel. This felt like a situation that was blown out of proportion and could have been handled with one issue but is being forced into two issues. It started off really good but ended sub-par on story and art.
Verdict: SKIM
Spider-Men #3 of 5
Writer: BMB, Art: Pichelli, Ponsor
Very good solid story with great colors and top notch art team. Miles and Peter team up and use their smarts against Mysterio. Peter starts to lose touch with reality in a sense which ends the issue with a very strong, powerful, emotional moment. So far this is easily hands down the best issue in the series yet and I can't wait to see the fall out of the last page.
Verdict: BUY
Wolverine & The X-Men #13 AvX Tie-In
Writer: Aaron, Artist: Bradshaw
Gladiator tries to destroy the inhabitants of the Phoenix. This issue featured Warbird as the main highlighted character. This was a total mind blower to me as it ties multiple characters pasts together in a very deep way. The art is the best I've seen from Bradshaw yet and though it's somewhat cartoony it still shows every harshness of the battle and more. This title just gets better with each issue even during this event. Most titles lost consistency and focus during events and this one hasn't for a second. If anything it has enhanced it.
Verdict: BUY
Avengers VERSUS X-Men #4 of 6
Daredevil vs Psylocke PoTW
Writer: Remender, Art: Peterson
Perfect match up as they are both agile hand-to-hand fighters. This is easily the best fight yet especially considering how it ends.
Thor vs Emma Frost
Writer/Art: Anderson
Epic battle of a god versus a cosmic entity infused mutant. Emma talks so much trash it's sick. Art gives you a mythic feel as if they are battling in Asgard. This book is easily the best in the series as far as match ups and art go. The art and dialogue are the best I've seen yet.
Verdict: BUY
The Crow #1
Writer: John Shirley, Artist: Kevin Colden
The art has a strong Japanese influence as does the story. This makes sense considering that's where it takes place. As a first issue there was a lot of build up and establishing of characters. This a new story and take on the Crow mythos. I'm interested to see where this goes and how it turns out.
Verdict: BUY
American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #2 of 5
Writer: Scott Snyder, Artist: Dustin Nguyen
This issue was a let down for me. The whole issue was nothing but generic clich├ęs. The art was impressively all over the place. There's so many different art styles in this. They are all so well done and somehow work together. Essentially this issue was backstory and exposition. These things are usually something that are in the first part of a story not the second and therefore really slowed things down. The pacing of this series is really bad so far.
Verdict: SKIM
Before Watchmen: Minutemen #2 of 6 CoTW
Writer/Artist: Darwyn Cooke
It gets real and dark. The glitz and glamour of The Minutemen has lost its luster and it's just the true, dark, gritty story. I didn't enjoy this issue as much as the last. Whereas the first issue was a great introduction this issue is a giant leap into the belly of the beast that is the true harshness of their story. The art is consistently great though this art style does seem a little too bright and lighthearted for how dark this issue gets.
Verdict: BUY
Batman & Robin #11
Writer: Tomasi, Art: Gleason, Gray, Nguyen, Champagne
Starts off nice and easy with a fun hook as the Robin challenge continues. Then some weirdos do something to get Batman's attention with the other story taking over. The art is really awesome in this one all the way through from beginning to end. This continues to be one of the best written Bat-books out there right now.
Verdict: BUY 
Batman #11
Writer: Snyder, Art: Capullo, Glapion
Wow, this issue took off from the get go and did not slow down or pull any punches until "The Epic Finale of The Court of Owls" was over. There was a nice touching moment between Dick and Bruce that really did it for me. Personally I think that this is a story arc that will go down in comic book history as one of the greatest Batman stories ever told. And as such there is still mystery as to whether or not the antagonist is still out there somewhere. The side story clarifies some things which was nice but the part was that it brought it full circle by having Alfred return this dark story back into the light as this title started.
Verdict: BUY
Swamp Thing #11 SoTW(pg.6)
Writer: Scott Snyder, Artist: Marco Rudy
Arcane arrives to retrieve Abigail and Alec is nowhere to be seen. A splash page of greens reminded me why I love this book and that I missed it. The colors and panel design absolutely blew me away with its genius and brilliance. Swamp Thing and Arcane finally fight it out leaving one of them mortally wounded and in retreat. This was one of the most satisfying reads and endings I have ever experienced. I can't wait for the next Animal Man and Swamp Thing issues.
Verdict: BUY

CoTW: Before Watchmen: Minutemen #2 - A genius mix of simple and complex color
SoTW: Swamp Thing #11 pg.6 - Panel layout, attention to detail, and colors blew me away
PoTW: Avengers VS X-Men #4 of 6 Daredevil vs Psylocke - Depth and proportion done right
BnBoTW: Swamp Thing #11 


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