6/27 Comic Week In Review

American Vampire #28
Writer: Scott Snyder, Artist: Rafael Albuquerque
It feels so good to have Rafael back on art as he is the perfect artist for this title. This story is utterly killer both literally and figuratively with Snyder's brilliant writing. Two characters from the past meet up again on a path for revenge in this issue. I'm very excited to see how this all plays out.
Verdict: BUY

The Incredible Hulk #10
Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Tom Raney
Art is slowly getting better but not anywhere near as good as Portacio. The story was also better but still pretty out there without any further explanation as to what Banner is up to. If the art and writing don't improve this will unquestionably be a drop for me. 
Verdict: SKIM
Spider-Men #2 of 5
Writer: BMB, Artist: Sara Pichelli
Mysterio has stepped up his shenanigans in this story. The Spider-Men meet for the first time and hilarity ensues as they kind of fight it out. Peter meets the "Ultimate" Nick Fury and they get everything sorted out. The art is so realistic with great use of light, color, depth, shading, and texture. The writing is solid and makes sense but you can tell that this is just one piece of a bigger story.
Verdict: BUY
Amazing Spider-Man #688
Writer: Dan Slott, Art: Camuncoli, Janson, D' Armata
The Spider-Man in this issue is one of the coolest looking I have ever seen but the people, especially Peter Parker, looked awful. The story was pretty solid as it was Spidey and one of his classic adversaries teaming up to take down the Lizard. We also get to see the consequences of Ends of The Earth as well as something that this title has been missing for a long time, Peters personal life. 
Verdict: BUY

Wolverine & The X-Men #12
Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Chris Bachalo
I don't usually care for this artist but he did an absolutely stellar job on this issue. This a hardcore AvX tie-in through-in-through. Rachel Grey was the highlight and star of this book as she showed off her sheer, raw power. This title is still about the characters and personalities of the staff and students of The Jean Grey School despite being an issue of all to battle ensuing. 
Verdict: BUY

Batman Incorporated #2
Writer: Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham
The art is so much better in this issue than the last that I actually thought it was Frank Quietly. Essentially this issue was about Talia Al Ghul, her upbringing, relationship with her father, her history with Bruce, and her plans for the future. Talia was a stunning, strong, and independent woman. I thoroughly enjoyed this issue as it was nice to get caught up on some of the Al Ghul family history. I will definitely consider picking up this series after this issue.
Verdict: BUY
The Flash #10
Writing: Manapul & Buccellato, Art: Marcus To & Ray McCarthy
I didn't even notice that it was a different artist until someone pointed it out to me. That being said it is barely noticeable and consistent with the spectacular art from pervious issues. This issue starts off a little confusing but quickly gets you into known territory wasting no time jumping right into the action. The Flash is in central America speaking Spanglish and trying to save a small town from the Weather Wizard and find Patty Spivot. There were some genuinely impressive 2 page spreads and panels. The story was very enjoyable as it was a fully story arc showing that even the villain can be played and manipulated.
Verdict: BUY
Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #1 of 4
Writer: J Michael Straczynski, Art: Andy & Joe Kubert
I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record but I must say that the art is perfect for the time period and this character. The pencils and inks are astonishing with extreme attention to detail. Nite Owl was rife with splendid panels and spreads.This was such a satisfying, enjoyable read. This issue could have easily been a stand alone issue and that would have been fulfilling enough for me. 
Verdict: BUY

Justice League #10
Writer: Geoff Johns, Art: Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Mark Irwin, Jonathan Glapion
It is revealed that someone is taking out all of the Justice Leagues enemies. This certain someone makes their move as shown on the cover. The writing is improving and the art is classic Jim Lee awesomeness. I had nothing to complain about in this issue. What I liked most about this issue was the SHAZAM! side story. SHAZAM! is ripe with cool, smooth, realistic art by Gary Frank and strong character writing by Geoff Johns.
Verdict: BUY
Aquaman #10
Writer: Geoff Johns, Art: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Andy Lanning
The artwork does almost all of the storytelling imposingly well. The EPIC cover says everything you need know about this issue. This was an easy, quick, very enjoyable, action packed read. I was disappointed when I finished reading this issue. Not in a bad way but because it ended so quickly and I didn't want it to end at all. It was great to see how the "Blood Feud" began and exists. The talent of the artist is immeasurable as everything looks so spectacularly awesome and hardcore especially Aquaman.
Verdict: BUY

CoTW: American Vampire #28
SoTW: BW: Nite Owl #1 of 4
PoTW: BW: Nite Owl #1 of 4
BnBoTW: Aquaman #10


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