6/6 Comic Week in Review

Winter Soldier#6
Writer: Brubaker, Art: Lark, Gaudiano, Thies, Breitweiser
The art felt like a slightly cleaned up just as good Guice. To say the least the art is nearly the same and as good if not better. This is the beginning of a new story arc that gave closure and clarity to the last story arc. Mostly about a new character and from his point of view this series is still the most consistently impressive written and draws books.
Verdict: BUY
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #11
Writer: BMB, Art: David Marquez
This is the best looking Spider-book on the market as it was when the first few issues came out. Its good to see the art return to its former glory. Miles decides to team-up with his Uncle Aaron AKA Prowler to take down The Scorpion. It kind of went to hell in a hand basket real quick. Miles finds out that his uncle isn’t very reliable, dependable, or honorable. Its great to see Mile use the powers and abilities that set him apart from Peter Parker. If you're not invested in this character I would suggest getting this in trade instead of by issues.
Verdict: BUY
Earth 2 #2
Writer: James Robinson, Art: Nikola and Trevor Scott
I have no idea who Mr. Terrific is but he had a giant red “T" on his face and showed up at the beginning of this issue. As the cover says and shows Jay Garrick becomes the Flash with a spiffy new dorky helmet and suit. It was actually a pretty great moment but I don't understand why they gave him such a stupid looking costume. Theres some gay love in there from Alan Scott and his lover Samuel, Flash fights some Apokorats, which was depicted quite impressively, as the cover also indicates, and then they elude to Green Lantern next issue. I really enjoyed and was impressed with the art though out the entire issue. I’ll continue to pick this up in hopes that it picks up and gets better.
Verdict: SKIM
Detective Comics#10
Writer: Tony S. Daniel, Art: Ed Benes, Hunter, Morey
Different artist with a very similar style to Daniel. It was a good solid story that appears to be the beginning of a bigger story arc but was a good issue all on its own. This is still the coolest most hardcore looking Batman book. The colors consisted of shades of black with powerful flashes of reds. The Two-Face side story written by Tony S. Daniel and drawn by Szymon Kudranski is still dark, gritty, and confusing.
Verdict: BUY
Uncanny X-Men#13 AvX Tie-In
Writer: Gillen, Art: Tan, Smith, Yeung, Guru eFX
Starts and ends with AvX tie-in. I was a little confused throughout this issue as it was not much of a tie-in issue. It was mostly about some of the X-Men licking their wounds and the beginning of the end of another ongoing story arc. The art is very appealing and impressive. The color palette varied throughout the book.
Verdict: BUY
Avengers vs. X-Men Round 5
Script: Matt Fraction, Artist: John Romita Jr.
Isn't it time for another artist, no not yet unfortunately. Did Tony Stark make his own Transformer because it sure does look like it. The bright colors and a few impressive spreads are what makes the art worthy of this title. This issue ends with a status quo change which could be really good or bad depending on happens next issue.
Verdict: BUY
Swamp Thing#10
Writer: Snyder, Artist: Francesco Francavilla
I absolutely love this artist and anything he does is gold. This is no exception as this may be his greatest work yet. The issue started off exactly where the last one ended. We filled in as to why Abigail Arcane is the true Queen of the Rot. This issue was mostly backstory. Other than that not much really happened even though it felt the opposite. It was pretty short and felt as such because of the always impressive but already seen American Vampire Lord of Vampires preview.
Verdict: BUY
Before Watchmen: Minutemen 1 of 6
Writer & Artist: Darwyn Cooke
Captures the feel of Watchmen perfectly and expands on it just as well. The art and writing is perfect for the Minutemen, time period for which they are in, and point of view from whom it is from. The only thing that I found was missing from Watchmen is further backstory or explanation about the Minutemen which is exactly what this issue alone does. I am already satisfied and I'm it'll only get better. I was extremely skeptical but now I am truly impressed of Before Watchmen.
Verdict: BUY
Animal Man#10
Writer: Jeff Lemire, Artist: Steve Pugh
Buddy Baker is stuck in the Red, he meets and fights alongside warriors of the Redlands as he continues his journey to the totems of the Red. Constantine and other DC characters make an appearance as they try to help Buddy Bakers family. Things take a turn for the worse for the Baker family as things may be improving for Buddy Baker. This series is an emotional roller coaster as Lemire does an amazing job at making you care and like even small minor characters. Pugh delivers disgustingly awesome art and in your face wicked great scenes quite possibly better than ever.
Verdict: BUY

CoTW: Winter Soldier#6
PoTW: Swamp Thing#10
SoTW: Animal Man#10
BnBoTW: Animal Man#10


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