Pablo Gunner 5/2 Comics Review

Earth 2#1 Writer: James Robinson Art: Nicola & Trevor Scott
In an alternate universe where the Apokolips War has been going on for 5 years led by Steppenwolf instead of Darkseid with heroes that are all to similar to our DC heroes. The heroes of Earth 2 are forced to make a last stand ditch effort. All the heroes are a little more hardcore as they are forced to be. They also look more hardcore. The style of art was quite impressive for what it's going for. The writer did a good enough job of making you realize that these are not OUR Earth DC heroes but then as an effect of that I didn't really care what had happened to them. While a lot happened in this book it didn't feel that way. The highest recommendation I can give this new NEW52 book is a SKIM.
Verdict: SKIM
Worlds' Finest#1 Huntress/Power Girl Writer: Paul Levitz Artist: Kevin Maguire
The art is mediocre at best throughout most of the book. For those you that miss Power Girls' old costume like myself ,the only thing you can look forward to is that her outfit gets torn to shreds 5 pages in.  The flashback art almost redeems this book completely. To understand whats going on in this title you must read Earth 2#1. As a number one title this book doesn't do it for me or much for that matter. Huntress' costume looks cheesy to me as well. The only redeeming quality of this book is the only reason it's not a PASS.
Verdict: SKIM
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man#10 Writer: Brian Michael Bendis(BMB) Art: David Marquez
The art is impressively mind blowing again with Marquez and Ponsor. Miles' uncle is a royal dick. Expressions, shading, and tints are the best that I have ever seen in this title. Moral dilemmas, family issues, and deep character moments are abound in this issue.
The Amazing Spider-Man#685 Writer: Dan Slott Art: Humberto Ramos
The art is sub-par for a comic and especially in comparison to Caselli's. Dan Slott really stepped up the story in this issue. He really had me second guessing Spidey. I am finally feeling this story starting to come to fruition.
Verdict: BUY
Detective Comics#9 Night of The Owls Writer/Art: Tony S. Daniel
The Talon make their attack on Arkham. Batman shows up looking hardcore to whoop some owls. Good easy one shot night of the owls story with Tony Daniels awesome art.
Two Face in 50/50 Written by Tony S. Daniel Art by Szymon Kudranski Dark, gritty, rough side/back story about Two Face. It's a little confusing but intriguing at the same time.
Verdict: BUY
Avengers vs X-Men Round 3/#3 Writer: Brubaker Artist: Romita Jr
Romita Jr delivers a much need improvement on art. Cyclops' X-Men are slick, Hope is smart and very resourceful, Wolverine thinks he knows Phoenix and the X-Men better than anybody. One of the best fight scenes that I didn't really see coming.
Verdict: BUY
Swamp Thing#9 Writer: Scott Snyder Art: Yanick Paquette, Marco Rudy
Artwork is brilliant and panel layout is genius. The war of the green and the rot rages on. The story hits it's high point as the tides are turning. Could not stop rereading this issue.
Verdict: BUY
Animal Man#9 Writer: Jeff Lemire Artist: Steve Pugh
Pugh's art makes for an easy clean transition from Travel Foreman. Story is still strong, slow building, and hopeful in a world becoming full of hopelessness.
Verdict: BUY
Daredevil#12 Writer: Mark Waid Art: Chris Samnee
This issue instantly draws you in.  I feel like Samnee has been drawing Daredevil for a while now because it's seems so right, so form fitting. The never before told story of how Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock became friends is spectacular, interesting, and heart warming.
Verdict: BUY

CoTW: Avengers vs X-Men Round 3
SoTW: Swamp Thing#9
PoTW: Avengers vs X-Men Round 3
BnBoTW: Daredevil#12


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