5/16 Comics Week in Review

Uncanny X-Men#12 AvX Tie-in
Writer: Gillen Art: Land, Leisten, Guru eFX
Beautiful art and tantalizing colors through out this book. Namor, Sunspot, and Hepzibah go to Tabula Rasa and face off against Luke Cage, She Hulk, and The Thing. Deep rich rivalry ripe with trash talking and brawling between Thing and Namor.
Verdict: BUY
Winter Soldier#5 The Longest Winter Part 5 of 5
Writer: Brubaker Art: Guice, Gaudiano, Palmer, Breitweiser
Top notch art, interesting panel layouts, powerful colors. Dr. Doom teams up with Winter Soldier and Black Widow to take down Lucia Von Bardas. Dialogue is stimulating as Doom and Fury bicker back and forth. Art is at its best in this issue. The end of this story arc was somewhat anticlimactic but still very consistently well written.
Verdict: BUY
Wonder Woman#9
Writer: Azzarello Art: Tony Akins, Dan Green
Beautiful cover art and less than impressive book art. Akins art is mediocre at best and very inconsistent.  Even the story and dialogue seems lacking with cheesy lines and little explanation. Little to nothing happens in this issue and the art leaves much to be desired.
Verdict: PASS
Writer: Aaron Art: Jefte Palo, Frank Martin
Awesomely realistic drawn cover by Michael Komarck. Hard to grasp art in comparison to last two artists. Art is cartoony and unfitting for this title. Filler issue with Red She Hulk fighting with , teaming up, and then having sex with Hulk with huge reveal at end.
Verdict: SKIM
The Amazing Spider-Man Ends of The Earth One-Shot
Written by Rob Williams(Part 1) & Brian Clevinger(Part 2) Art by Silas, Olazaba, Quintana
In between the panels story of Ends of The Earth. Union Jack story was the best with him being a hardcore BA. Cheesy lines, characters, and lacking art left me unimpressed but Union Jack made up for it all.
Verdict: SKIM
J.H. Williams III, W. Haden Blackman, Trevor McCarthy
Beautifully impressive cover, brilliant panel structure, and various impressive art styles make this a must read. The story jumps around a lot but never gets confusing or convoluted. Batwoman is hands down the best female personality in mainstream comics. This book has diversity, drama, relationships, fighting and a story that mixes these all so well.
Verdict: BUY
Avengers vs X-Men Round 4
Script: Hickman Art: Romita Jr, Hanna, Martin
Art is at the top of its game with an instantly impressive hook. This issue is rife with OMG and WTF moments. AvX continues to be a perfect balance of story and action. Romita Jrs art is the best I've ever seen it.
Verdict: BUY
Avengers VS X-Men#2
Captain America VS Gambit Writer/Art: Steve McNiven
Distracted Cap vs the explosive Gambit in Savage Land, impressive looking all out brawl
Spider-Man VS Collossus Writer: Gillen Art: Larroca
Spidey vs Collossus(naut) in Latveria, this one is not only unfairly matched but also obvious who the victor is but still great.
Verdict: BUY
Nightwing#9 Night of The Owls
Writer: Higgins Art: Barrows, Andres Guinaldo
Back story of William Cobb, Dick Grayson's great-grandfather, an assassin of the Court of Owls, a Talon. A wounded Dick(Nightwing) fights his great-grandfather to no end. Captivating, intense dialogue and fight scenes among family that cut deep bring it home. Great to see Dick find a way out of a hairy situation.
Verdict: BUY
Justice League#9
Writer: Johns Artist: Lee
Jim Lee is back so it goes without saying that this book is back to being some of the best art out there. Johns is taking this issue back to what made this series great in the first place with great, deep, strong, character moments and an impending villainous doom. Wonder Woman is back to being as sexy as ever and Superman having the best looking male backside in superhero comics.
Writer: Johns, Artist: Frank
I'm absolutely loving this Shazam side story. It just keeps getter better with every issue. I'm quickly becoming a Billy Batson/Shazam fan with Johns doing a great job of making me care about a bunch of unknown nameless characters. Gary Frank impresses me with his textured and realistic art every issue.
Verdict: BUY
Writer: Waid Art: Pham, Palmer, Rodriguez
The story completely blew my skull out. I've seen better art on this book but it wasn't bad by any means. The color palette was very tasteful to the eyes. Two mind blowing, skull effing plot points will cripple your mind after reading this. WTF, OMG, IDK is all I can think after reading this issue. I can't wait for next issue that's all I know.
Verdict: BUY/BnB

CoTW: The Incredible Hulk#7.1
PoTW: Winter Soldier#5
SoTW: Nightwing#9
BnBoTW: DD#13


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