Animated Premieres

AVATAR: The Legend of Korra
For those of you that may not know this is the follow up to AVATAR: The Last Airbender. If you have not seen it it was a great show so check it out on Netflix. This new era of AVATAR takes place after Aang, the last airbenders, death. There is a new Avatar, Korra. She is a feisty, stubborn, strong willed teenage girl. She has been training her whole life as the new Avatar having learned all of the "bending" or powers except air bending. That's where her own journey begins. She goes to Capitol City to learn air bending from Aangs adult son. Capitol City is far from what she is use to. It is a big industrialized city. This show is much like AVATAR: The Last Airbender in that there is deep character moments and growth. The graphics look improved yet very similar as well as the voice work. This is a MUST SEE whether your an AVATAR fan or not.
Thundercats is now going on to it's second season. It has been a great show so far and is now continuing that greatness into a second season. From the beginning this show has been about the thundercats and their journey to greatness. It seems to be somewhat of a prequel to the original. They are all younger, learning how to be great leaders, fighters, strategists, and soldiers. It's almost as if each episode is a life lesson that some or all of the characters need to learn. What's great about this new season is you can finally see each character staring to become the great awesome team known as the THUNDERCATS. Liking the old THUNDERCATS but not being a big fan I now find myself yelling Thundercats HO and wanting a THUNDERCATS shirt. In other words this is a MUST SEE but you should check it out from the first season.

Green Lantern
The premiere was a while back but only recently have they been putting out new episodes. The premiere itself was a very intense powerful episode wrought with heart, battle, space-travel, and death. I was impressed with the voice work, strong characters, and intense story. The only thing that irks me and continues to do so is the cheesy 3D animation. Not only do I not like the look, it just doesn't seem to fit the serious tone of this show. Though it feels like you need to know about Green Lanterns to understand what's going on you really don't. Every week I find more out about the lanterns and each character. This may not be the best show out there but it's definitely the best Green Lantern, Hal Jordan material I've had experience with and a MUST SEE.
Young Justice
Now in its 3rd volume this premiere started exactly where the last episode took off and at the same time was kind of a return to the first premiere. Whereas I have always thought that DC shows, movies, and comics are more action driven than character driven this show proves me wrong. The best thing about this show is the characters, their development, growth, depth, and how this fuels the show each episode. Personally I believe this is the greatest DC show ever made. It's turned a bunch of sidekicks and nobodies that not only did I not care for but most of I disliked and now I respect them all at the least. Aqualad and Superboy are now two of my favorite DC characters just because of this show because of how they are depicted in this show. If that's not saying enough then I'll just come out and say it, this is a MUST SEE. It's better to experience from the beginning though.

Ultimate Spider-Man
I have to be honest when I say that I was not that impressed with this premiere. Something to keep in mind and know about this show is that it is about Ultimate Marvel Spider-Man not regular/original Marvel Spider-Man. That being said this Peter Parker is a little bit different. He comes off more like Deadpool most of the time mixed in with a little Scott Pilgrim as does the whole show. By the end of the episode this show was seeming to turn out like X-Men Evolution as well by adding a whole group of other teenaged superheroes. The show has gotten better with the second episode but still has all of the same elements. So for hardcore Spidey fans especially Ultimate Spider-Man fans and kids this show is a MUST SEE.
Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes
Not only is this my favorite comic and cartoon show it's also one of my top favorite shows of all time. From episode one to now this show has been the greatest fusion of past, present, Marvel history, canon, and characters ever made. This show is so rich with spot on characterization, strong dialogue, deep story threads, and plots. The premiere was no exception jumping right into the action and starting exactly where they left off now in the 2nd season. This show is animated gold whether you're into comics or not. I can not recommend this show enough. It's a MUST SEE for all, BUY for me, and you can check out the last season on Netflix.


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