Chronicle Review

Ok, so if you couldn't tell Chronicle is a "found footage" movie where three teenage students get powers. Essentially the whole movie can be explained through the trailers. The story is that an abused, bullied, anti-social kid that films everything gets powers, and goes bad. Personally I don't care for the "found footage" genre but it was the best I've ever seen and gets better after a certain point in the film. The plot is generic and predictable yet leave certain small plot holes unexplained. Chronicle's greatest strength is how realistic it is through the characters motivations and therefore actions. Because how realistic it is it also hurts it due to the certain unexplained points in the movie that could have been quite easy to do so. Some of the CGI just looked downright awful but most of the special effects looked good especially at the end. If anything good came out of this movie it was that it gave me hope in seeing a live action Akira or DBZ movie could be done. I went into this movie with an open mind, high hopes, and low expectations. It was better than expected and worse than I had hoped. Chronicle is mediocre at best. I'm going to have to suggest this movie as a PASS.


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