Avengers vs X-Men Event Party & AvX Round 1 Release

On Tuesday April 3rd Kaboom had a Avengers vs X-Men Event party for the release of Avengers vs X-Men Round 1 from 5-8PM. When I found out about this a few days before and I had heard that I could get a free graphic novel, free AvX comic, and be able to get AvX Round 1 a day early I was totally there. Only two stores in the city were doing the 8PM Avengers vs X-Men #1 Release Party and Kaboom was one of them. The other store was Astro Zombies representing the X-Men and Kaboom representing the Avengers.

As always Kaboom was packed from 5-8 with people talking about comic, movies, shows, and playing games. At 8PM we all lined up to get our free raffle ticket to possibly win 1 of 4 different variant cover issues of AvX Round 1 that Marvel had sent Gene for having this shindig. He also received pins, posters, and cards that he gave to everyone that showed up to the event party. After raffling off the four different variants which I had won one of(blank variant) we all lined up once again to get our back and bagged issue of AvX Round 1 and free Secret Invasion Mighty Avengers trade paperback. Getting all this free stuff and having great, fun, interesting convo's was the best part for me until I read Avengers vs X-Men Round 1.
Written by Bryan Michael Bendis or BMB as I call him and draw by John Romita Jr I have not have been more impressed by a first issue event book. Despite not being a fan of John Romita Jr's art I was pleasantly surprised. BMB really gave every single character their own voice from page one and through out this book . The pacing is impeccably well done. The colors, textures, and expressions are superb. The Avengers and X-Men have made their first move. Now go make yours and BUY this issue before it sells out. You won't regret it.


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