Mario Kart 7

Many games exist in the video game world that do not make sense. This includes the popular Mario Kart series since its debut on the SNES. Mario Kart is more of a casual racing game. Most gamers have picked up at least one version of the game. Every console version seems to add unique features. Mario Kart 7 is no exception to the series. This game will excite the retro and modern gamers alike.

Like most retro gamers I am a huge fan of Super Mario Bros 3. This game brings back some of the items that were introduced in that game. The famous Tanooki (Raccoon) Suit is back. The suit works as a weapon and a great defense against red and green shells. The other great item introduced in the one is the fire flower. The allows the player to shoot fireballs for a short time. The fireballs are great getting ahead in the races. The new items feel right at place with the game. The Tanooki suit is wonderful for the battle mode.

The skill level for this game can either be pro or beginner. The items help even out the playing field. Just like any other Mario Kart game when the player get into first all the items happen to hit player and no one else. This is a typical Mario Kart thing in all the games.

The vehicles are mostly the same from the Wii version. The biggest change in this game is that the karts have a fan for underwater and a parasail for the air. Many of the older levels have short cuts with parasail access. This helps keep the old levels fresh. The levels are great and are always throw backs to previous Mario games. My favorite level Luigi's Mansion is back.

Just like the DS version multiplayer is included in the game. The multiplayer can either be with 1 or multiple cartridges and up to 7 other 3DS's. This game series continues to be a great franchise from Nintendo.

Verdict BUY

Ambassador JBemms


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