"Comic Book Men" Premiere Review

2/12/12 AMC 1HR Reality, Series Premiere
"Junk" Walt challenges the staff to a flea market sales competition.

If you've ever heard of or seen any of those reality pawn shows that's what this is with a little mix of Kevin Smiths podcast. The setting is Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash which Kevin Smith is the owner of. The cast is comprised of Executive Producer of the show, Kevin Smith, Walt, manager of Secret Stash, Michael, Ming, and Bryan the resident d-bag of the show.

Walt Flanagan plays the role of leader in this rag-tag group of friends/colleagues. Michael Zapcic is a long time employee of Secret Stash that appears quiet but useful to the team. Bryan Johnson is the worthless does-nothing nobody thats just a jerk. On the other hand Ming is the resident asian that seems to be everybody's bitch. Being that Kevin Smith is the only known name here it's unfortunate that he's also the only one worth watching the show for if at all. In fact you only see and hear from him in between scenes during the video podcasting segments. Overall this show is a PASS but I'll go ahead and give one more chance.


  1. Walt Flanagan is the artist on Batman: Cacophany and Batman: The Widening Gyre, both written by Smith.

  2. That show sucked harder than Walt Flanagan's dog.


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