Pablo's Graphic Novel Holiday Buying Guide

Here's some graphic novels you may want to get for the holidays for yourself or that special nerd in your life.

Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn written by Grant Morrison, art by Frank Quitely and Philip Tan $14.99
This graphic novel which is a collection of the first six issues of the dynamic duo of Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin. This book has some of the best most colorful art I have ever seen. Being that it is the first six issues it only gives you a taste of the new, fresh, interesting, great, truly dynamic duo of Dick and Damian as Batman & Robin. The biggest problem that I had with this book is that it left me with much to be desired in fact I can't wait to get the next book. It's not that this is a bad book it just felt like everything was just starting to gel perfectly and then it ended. Despite these minor complaints that just excite me to get the next collection of this team it's still a BUY.

Uncanny X-Force: The Apocalypse Solution written by Rick Remender, art by Jerome Opena and Leonardo Manco $15.99
The art is bad for the first seven pages but after that it's all gravy as we overweight Americans say. Seriously though Leonardo Manco draws the first seven pages and it looks awful. The rest of the art is dark, gritty, grimy, and realistically perfect for this "new" team of X-Force consisting of Wolverine(of course), Archangel, Psylocke, Deadpool, and Fantomex. At first this is an introduction of the team, then becomes a death defying mission to find and execute the resurrected Apocalypse. The story flows all too well and the characters could not be written more perfectly.This book collects Uncanny X-Force #1-4, material from Wolverine: Road to Hell(the badly drawn pages), and seven pages of catching up on all things X-Force that has happened in the last few years from Wolverine's point of view. This is the best written and most good looking X-book out there hardcore fans and newcomers alike. I'm so glad I bought this and I suggest you do to therefore this is a BUY.
Batman: The Killing Joke Deluxe Edition written by Alan Moore, art by Brian Bolland $17.99
As bright and colorful as this book is it is chilling and disturbing. This is the story that left Barbara Gordon(Batgirl) crippled and quite possibly worse. This is also the story of an average man that lost everything one day and went mad. In other words this is quite possibly the greatest Batman story ever told and drawn. The art is as riveting as the story itself. This is a must BUY for any and all Batman fans.
Uncanny X-Force: The Dark Angel Saga Book 1 written by Rick Remender, drawn by Billy Tan and Mark Brooks $24.99
Not knowing or reading anything about X-Force is completely fine as Rick Remender does a superb job showing you through story telling who X-Force is and what they do. From start to finish this book is fun, intense, gut wrenching, and heart wrenching. Billy Tan's art is as perfect and similar to Opena's as he sets the tone for this book and team. Mark Brooks art isn't as dark or gritty but makes for an easy transition as this team embarks on a mission into The Age of Apocalypse. This may only be book 1 collecting issues 8-13 but it couldn't have been more satisfying of a read or more of a BUY.
Batman: Year One written by Frank Miller, art by David Mazzucchelli $14.99
This is the four part origin story of Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon's first year "cleaning up" Gotham City. As I'm sure all of you have read my Batman: Year One animated film review you know what I think but I'll go ahead and tell you again. It's a more dark, realistic story that is more about Gordon than Batman and works perfectly as such. The brilliant story telling and exquisite art alone are worth a BUY but also has 40 pages of extra material. Whether you consider yourself a hardcore Batman fan or just a casual reader this classic retelling of Batman's origins is easily a BUY.


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