Cowboys and Aliens Review

This movie should be called Cowboys vs Aliens or Cowboys & Indians vs Aliens. For those of you that have played Red Dead Redemption that's what this is but with aliens which to be honest I wouldn't mind playing a Red Dead DLC like this movie. The cast was great, a few big names in it. The story was pretty straight forward.

As I said this was very similar to Red Dead Redemption. The story is about an amnesiac cowboy named Jake Lonergan who wakes up to find out that he has some sort of contraption on his wrist. Instantly action ensues and you later find out that Daniel Craigs character is a bandit that left his gang for a woman. He keeps on having flashbacks of this woman so you get the feeling they were in love. Harrison Ford played a rich cattle rancher, Woodrow Dolarhyde, that Jake Lonergans gang robbed. Sam Rockwell's character was a bar owner/tender with an attractive Mexican wife. The aliens come into play when they attack the town that Jake is passing through and abduct it's citizens. Jake joins up with Dolarhyde and the rest of the town to go after these creatures and find their people. After that the story more or less turns into the generic alien movie.

The thing about this film is that the main cast is really good, has a pretty solid director, and good fight scenes yet somehow this ended up just being good not great. I think most of it is due to a mediocre script because the cast was great. I wasn't disappointed by this movie and it definitely wasn't bad it was just ok. This one is a rent for me.

Pablo Gunner


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