Captain America Review

This movie did what others have failed to do, it made you fall in love with the main character and made you want you to be like him. The entire cast was spectacular, graphics were magnificent, character progression and development very well done. There was very little wrong with this movie. The story was really strong even if it was a little predictable at times but only because I'm a comic book reader. There was only a few things I didn't like in the story and it was only because I'm a big Bucky fan.

This film made me fall in love with the character of Steve Rogers all over again. For those of you who may or may not know Bucky Barnes has been Cap in the comics. Just recently though Steve Rogers reclaimed his shield and title as Captain America. This movie proved why Steve Rogers is the true, undeniable, perfect super soldier and Captain America. What truly makes this movie great is that it has heart. It makes you care for the characters and fear others. Hugo Weaving was genuinely scary and intimidating as the Red Skull. As for Chris Evans he could not have done a better job as Steve Rogers. Everybody in the film was fantastically cast especially Sebastian Stan as James "Bucky" Buchanan Barnes. I loved how they portrayed Steve and Buckys' relationship. It gave it a more realistic feel.

There was a few parts throughout the movie that I felt were specifically for me as a comic book fan. That is another reason this movie really did it for me. As I said before the character development and progression was top notch because the character grew and they actually showed all of Steve's strengths. I loved how they hit on every facet of his personality and abilities such as that he is an artist, great strategist, and his outstanding leadership.

This incarnation was quite true to the comics and where it strayed it either made it better or worse depending. I personally would liked to have seen more Bucky as well as something more close to the comics in regards to his death. I would also have liked to see more WWII battle but we can only hope they make a Captain America/Howling Commandos movie. In closing I would say that this is the best Marvel and summer movie so far due to fan service, strong story, great writing, smooth, natural graphics, an amazing cast, and impeccable character development and progression. Captain America: The First Avenger is a double buy for me, I've seen it twice and I will definitely be buying it on Blu-ray.


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