Friday, October 26, 2018

Nerdy Fitness Vlog 59 The Sex Talk

I, Pablo Gunnerchat about Nerdy Fitness which includes nerdy and fitness stuff like workouts, comida, musica, comics, video juegos, shows, movies, y mas. I briefly go over what I did for the month before I impart some knowledge about the benefits of sex. I get into the method to my eating habits madness and comida such as Rudy’s turkey/brisket/cream corn/peach cobbler, lasagna, Noosa yogurt, organic cheeses stick, organic pita chips, baby bell cheese, peaches, snack pack, spaghetti and chicken meatballs, egg/cheese/chicken sausage burritos, chicken burgers, broccoli, cod, organic brown, chicken ravioli, 1933 Brewery. I talk about the music I downloaded and listened to through Apple Music like Luke Bryan album What Makes You Country, Nas Illmatic, The Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet. I cover the movies and shows I watched Hardcore Henry, Pacific Rim Uprising, Annihilation, Batman Gotham by Gaslight, Life of the Party, Death of Superman, Jumanji, Unbreakable Kimmi Schmidt, Hostiles, DC CW, Agents of SHIELD Season 6?. For games I talk about beating Gears 4 and Mass Effect on insanity amongst playing Uncharted 4 and Injustice. I mention a few of the best comics including Infinity Wars, TMNT Universe, Sideways, Detective Comics, Amazing Spider-Man Renee Your Vows, Extermination, Batgirl, Mr. & Mrs. X, Action Comics. I ask and want to hear about any little thing that makes you country.
Week 1:
Day 1: Yoga, 3 mi run outside in 31 min
Day 2: Shoulders, Abs
Shoulders: 4 sets of 15(10)lateral side raise, 4 sets of 10(15) lateral front raise
Abs: 60 breaths legs down crunch hold, 60 breaths legs out hold, 60 Legs down crunches, 60 spread eagles, 30 leg lifts, 60 crunches, 30 spread eagles, 60 knees up crunches
Day 3: AM 2 mi treadmill run in 15:15 min
PM Shoulders, Abs, Legs
Shoulders: overhead press 4 sets of 40/30/20/10(10/15/20/25), Shrugs 4 sets of 60/50/40/30(30/35/40/45)
Abs: Twists 4 sets of 60/50/40/30(10/15/20/25)
Legs: 4 sets of 25 squat calf raises
Week 2:
Day 1: Bi’s, Abs
Biceps: 50 alternating curls(10), 30 angle curls(15), 40 alternating twist curls(20), 30 alternating hammer curls, 10 barbell curls(60), 8 cable bar curls(100)
Abs: 65 breaths legs out hold, 65 spread eagles, 35 leg lifts, 35 spread eagles, 66 flutter kicks, 35 spread eagles
Day 2: 6 mi run in 1hr 5 min
Day 3: 2 mi treadmill run in 14:50, Tri’s, Abs
Tríceps: tricep extension 4 sets of 40/30/20/10(10/15/20/25), barbell skull crushers 4 sets of 20/10(40/50)
Abs: 70 breath legs out hold, 40 spread eagles, 35 leg lifts, 35 spread eagles, 66 scissors, 35 spread eagles, 35 in n out legs
Week 3:
Day 1: Shoulders, Abulars
Shoulders: lateral side raises 3 sets of 25/20/15(10/15/20), lateral front raises 3 sets of 30/20/10(15/20/25)
Abs: 80 breaths legs out hold, 40 spread eagles, 40 leg lifts, 40 spread eagles, 80 scissor kicks, 40 spread eagles, 40 in n outs
Day2: X-Training
Day 3: Chesties, Abulars
Chest: 4 sets of 40/35/30/25(20/25/30/35)
Abs: 80 breaths legs out hold, 40 spread eagles, 40 leg lifts, 40 spread eagles
Day 4: 6.3 mile treadmill run in 62 minutes
Week 4:
Day 1: Back, Abs
Back: lawnmowers 4 sets of 40/35/30/25(20/25/30/35), pulldowns sets of 30(70/
Abs: 84 breaths legs out hold, 84 spread eagles, 42 leg lifts, 42 spread eagles, 84 scissor kicks, 84 spread eagles
Food Logo
Chicken sausage and iced cauliflower, Noosa yogurt, baby bell cheese, vegetable straws, organic corn ships, kale & mozzarella seasoned chicken burgers and sweet potatoes, cherries, manzano, egg cheese chicken sausage breakfast burritos, M’Tucci’s, Melting Pot, Kaktus Brewery, Desert Valley Brewing
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Ready To Die Notorious BIG, Mercy Brett Young, Happens Like That Granger Smith, Chris Young Alone Tonight, Promise To Love Her Blane Howard, Kane Brown Comeback, I’m a Mess Bebe Rexha, Ludacris Back for the First Time, Broadside album Paradise
One Punch Man, Uncharted fan film, Cloak&Dagger, Krypton, Legion, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan Season 3
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Gears 4, Mass Effect on Insanity
ComicFest 2018 – Free Comic Book Festival
Cosmic Ghost Rider, Captain America, Superman, Amazing Spider-Man, Punisher, Runaways, Weatherman, Mr&Mrs X, Unnatural, The New World


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