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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Trade Of The Month: Wolverine Weapon X


Wolverine Weapon X is a graphic novel in every sense. Almost everything in this book is done by Barry Windsor-Smith. This origin story of Wolverine becoming Weapon X reads like a novel in comic book form. Find out if these are good or bad things.
I imagine because of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: Apocalypse movies most people have an idea of how Logan became Weapon X. You should know that he was infused with adamantium and experimented on to be made into the perfect killer. This focuses on specific aspects of that story. They make Logan out to be just a regular tough SOB who has kind of become a purposeless drifter. Some agents are sent to recover him. They themselves are surprised by how difficult he is to take down. The staff is also surprised by how quickly he recovers. Professor Cornelius is the only one aware that Logan is a mutant and therefore already considers him less than human. You see the grueling, difficult, painful adamantium bonding process. The scientists strip away Logan's humanity through a series of experiments. Upon achieving what they believe to be almost complete success things go awry. Was that all part of the plan though according to a higher power or just a ruse?
The real ruse was that everything Barry Windsor-Smith does in this book is all part of his plan. The art, panels, and lettering boxes seem to be kind of a mess at first. A mess just like Logan's life before they stripped him down and built him into the perfect killing machine that he is by the end of the story. The art and lettering perfectly depicts the adamantium and brainwashing methodology. At one point you don't know if Logan is dreaming some of it up or the scientists are. Then it becomes very clear. The thing that is still left to mystery by the end of this book is who is in control.
Regardless of who is in control, the graphic showing and telling of what they did to Logan makes you sympathize and understand why and how Logan became a feral killing machine. This creator does a most stellar job on every aspect of this story. This story forever changes what you think and how you feel about Logan. This book establishes the full magnitude of what Wolverine, Weapon X is like nothing before or every again.