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Friday, May 25, 2012

5/16 Comics Week in Review

Uncanny X-Men#12 AvX Tie-in
Writer: Gillen Art: Land, Leisten, Guru eFX
Beautiful art and tantalizing colors through out this book. Namor, Sunspot, and Hepzibah go to Tabula Rasa and face off against Luke Cage, She Hulk, and The Thing. Deep rich rivalry ripe with trash talking and brawling between Thing and Namor.
Verdict: BUY
Winter Soldier#5 The Longest Winter Part 5 of 5
Writer: Brubaker Art: Guice, Gaudiano, Palmer, Breitweiser
Top notch art, interesting panel layouts, powerful colors. Dr. Doom teams up with Winter Soldier and Black Widow to take down Lucia Von Bardas. Dialogue is stimulating as Doom and Fury bicker back and forth. Art is at its best in this issue. The end of this story arc was somewhat anticlimactic but still very consistently well written.
Verdict: BUY
Wonder Woman#9
Writer: Azzarello Art: Tony Akins, Dan Green
Beautiful cover art and less than impressive book art. Akins art is mediocre at best and very inconsistent.  Even the story and dialogue seems lacking with cheesy lines and little explanation. Little to nothing happens in this issue and the art leaves much to be desired.
Verdict: PASS
Writer: Aaron Art: Jefte Palo, Frank Martin
Awesomely realistic drawn cover by Michael Komarck. Hard to grasp art in comparison to last two artists. Art is cartoony and unfitting for this title. Filler issue with Red She Hulk fighting with , teaming up, and then having sex with Hulk with huge reveal at end.
Verdict: SKIM
The Amazing Spider-Man Ends of The Earth One-Shot
Written by Rob Williams(Part 1) & Brian Clevinger(Part 2) Art by Silas, Olazaba, Quintana
In between the panels story of Ends of The Earth. Union Jack story was the best with him being a hardcore BA. Cheesy lines, characters, and lacking art left me unimpressed but Union Jack made up for it all.
Verdict: SKIM
J.H. Williams III, W. Haden Blackman, Trevor McCarthy
Beautifully impressive cover, brilliant panel structure, and various impressive art styles make this a must read. The story jumps around a lot but never gets confusing or convoluted. Batwoman is hands down the best female personality in mainstream comics. This book has diversity, drama, relationships, fighting and a story that mixes these all so well.
Verdict: BUY
Avengers vs X-Men Round 4
Script: Hickman Art: Romita Jr, Hanna, Martin
Art is at the top of its game with an instantly impressive hook. This issue is rife with OMG and WTF moments. AvX continues to be a perfect balance of story and action. Romita Jrs art is the best I've ever seen it.
Verdict: BUY
Avengers VS X-Men#2
Captain America VS Gambit Writer/Art: Steve McNiven
Distracted Cap vs the explosive Gambit in Savage Land, impressive looking all out brawl
Spider-Man VS Collossus Writer: Gillen Art: Larroca
Spidey vs Collossus(naut) in Latveria, this one is not only unfairly matched but also obvious who the victor is but still great.
Verdict: BUY
Nightwing#9 Night of The Owls
Writer: Higgins Art: Barrows, Andres Guinaldo
Back story of William Cobb, Dick Grayson's great-grandfather, an assassin of the Court of Owls, a Talon. A wounded Dick(Nightwing) fights his great-grandfather to no end. Captivating, intense dialogue and fight scenes among family that cut deep bring it home. Great to see Dick find a way out of a hairy situation.
Verdict: BUY
Justice League#9
Writer: Johns Artist: Lee
Jim Lee is back so it goes without saying that this book is back to being some of the best art out there. Johns is taking this issue back to what made this series great in the first place with great, deep, strong, character moments and an impending villainous doom. Wonder Woman is back to being as sexy as ever and Superman having the best looking male backside in superhero comics.
Writer: Johns, Artist: Frank
I'm absolutely loving this Shazam side story. It just keeps getter better with every issue. I'm quickly becoming a Billy Batson/Shazam fan with Johns doing a great job of making me care about a bunch of unknown nameless characters. Gary Frank impresses me with his textured and realistic art every issue.
Verdict: BUY
Writer: Waid Art: Pham, Palmer, Rodriguez
The story completely blew my skull out. I've seen better art on this book but it wasn't bad by any means. The color palette was very tasteful to the eyes. Two mind blowing, skull effing plot points will cripple your mind after reading this. WTF, OMG, IDK is all I can think after reading this issue. I can't wait for next issue that's all I know.
Verdict: BUY/BnB

CoTW: The Incredible Hulk#7.1
PoTW: Winter Soldier#5
SoTW: Nightwing#9
BnBoTW: DD#13

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pablo Gunner 5/9 Comic Reviews

Deadpool#54 DEAD Part Five
Writer: Daniel Way Art: Garza, Parsons, Dommo
DP has lost the ability to heal and is on the run with his buddy Bob from Tombstone, Kingpin, and X-Force. It was a very disappointing and anticlimactic ending to this story arc. I'm not quite sure what the repercussions for Wade Wilson and this title are but I'm interested to find out.
Verdict: SKIM

Secret Avengers#26  AvX Tie-in
Writer: Rick Remender Art: Renato Guedes, Bettie Breitweiser
Someone forgot to tell Guedes that Beast looks like a buff Kitty Kat now. Thor wants to relive his collegiate days with a night of ale amongst friends. This team gets mutilated in space by the Phoenix. Superheroes never stay dead. Two of the Avengers think to aid the Phoenix. The art texture, shading, detail blew me away.
Verdict: SKIM

Avenging Spider-Man#7
Writer: Kathryn Immonen Art: Stuart Immonen and Von Grawbadger
Not the best art I've seen on this title or by Immonen. Funny, one-shot filler story. Good characterization of She-Hulks lawyering and Spideys nerdyness.
Verdict: SKIM

The Punisher#11
Writer: Greg Rucka Artist: Mirko Colak
Really enjoyable art and story. Easy fun read with likable characters, impressive art, and ZOMBIES.
Verdict: BUY

Batman&Robin#9 Night of The Owls
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi Art: Garbett, Clarke, McCarthy, Champagne
Further solidifies Damian Wayne as a BA and the most hardcore Robin. Revolutionary War Talon back story tie-in. This is an all out unleashed Robin issue.
Verdict: BUY

Batman#9 Night of The Owls
Writer: Snyder Art: Capullo, Glapion
Bruce Wayne builds and dons his own original Iron Man-like suit to take on the assault of the Talon. The art continues to be impressive with an array of colors and environments.
The Fall of The House of Wayne Part 1 of 3
Writers: Snyder, James Tynion IV Art: Rafael Albuquerque
Alfred Pennyworths father, Jarvis', telling of the beginning of the Court of The Owls attack on the Wayne family. The art fits this period piece all too well.

Verdict: BUY

CoTW: Deapool#54
SoTW: Batman#9
PoTW: Avenging Spider-Man#7
BnBoTW: Batman&Robin#9

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pablo Gunner 5/2 Comics Review

Earth 2#1 Writer: James Robinson Art: Nicola & Trevor Scott
In an alternate universe where the Apokolips War has been going on for 5 years led by Steppenwolf instead of Darkseid with heroes that are all to similar to our DC heroes. The heroes of Earth 2 are forced to make a last stand ditch effort. All the heroes are a little more hardcore as they are forced to be. They also look more hardcore. The style of art was quite impressive for what it's going for. The writer did a good enough job of making you realize that these are not OUR Earth DC heroes but then as an effect of that I didn't really care what had happened to them. While a lot happened in this book it didn't feel that way. The highest recommendation I can give this new NEW52 book is a SKIM.
Verdict: SKIM
Worlds' Finest#1 Huntress/Power Girl Writer: Paul Levitz Artist: Kevin Maguire
The art is mediocre at best throughout most of the book. For those you that miss Power Girls' old costume like myself ,the only thing you can look forward to is that her outfit gets torn to shreds 5 pages in.  The flashback art almost redeems this book completely. To understand whats going on in this title you must read Earth 2#1. As a number one title this book doesn't do it for me or much for that matter. Huntress' costume looks cheesy to me as well. The only redeeming quality of this book is the only reason it's not a PASS.
Verdict: SKIM
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man#10 Writer: Brian Michael Bendis(BMB) Art: David Marquez
The art is impressively mind blowing again with Marquez and Ponsor. Miles' uncle is a royal dick. Expressions, shading, and tints are the best that I have ever seen in this title. Moral dilemmas, family issues, and deep character moments are abound in this issue.
The Amazing Spider-Man#685 Writer: Dan Slott Art: Humberto Ramos
The art is sub-par for a comic and especially in comparison to Caselli's. Dan Slott really stepped up the story in this issue. He really had me second guessing Spidey. I am finally feeling this story starting to come to fruition.
Verdict: BUY
Detective Comics#9 Night of The Owls Writer/Art: Tony S. Daniel
The Talon make their attack on Arkham. Batman shows up looking hardcore to whoop some owls. Good easy one shot night of the owls story with Tony Daniels awesome art.
Two Face in 50/50 Written by Tony S. Daniel Art by Szymon Kudranski Dark, gritty, rough side/back story about Two Face. It's a little confusing but intriguing at the same time.
Verdict: BUY
Avengers vs X-Men Round 3/#3 Writer: Brubaker Artist: Romita Jr
Romita Jr delivers a much need improvement on art. Cyclops' X-Men are slick, Hope is smart and very resourceful, Wolverine thinks he knows Phoenix and the X-Men better than anybody. One of the best fight scenes that I didn't really see coming.
Verdict: BUY
Swamp Thing#9 Writer: Scott Snyder Art: Yanick Paquette, Marco Rudy
Artwork is brilliant and panel layout is genius. The war of the green and the rot rages on. The story hits it's high point as the tides are turning. Could not stop rereading this issue.
Verdict: BUY
Animal Man#9 Writer: Jeff Lemire Artist: Steve Pugh
Pugh's art makes for an easy clean transition from Travel Foreman. Story is still strong, slow building, and hopeful in a world becoming full of hopelessness.
Verdict: BUY
Daredevil#12 Writer: Mark Waid Art: Chris Samnee
This issue instantly draws you in.  I feel like Samnee has been drawing Daredevil for a while now because it's seems so right, so form fitting. The never before told story of how Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock became friends is spectacular, interesting, and heart warming.
Verdict: BUY

CoTW: Avengers vs X-Men Round 3
SoTW: Swamp Thing#9
PoTW: Avengers vs X-Men Round 3
BnBoTW: Daredevil#12

The Amazing Spider-man: Parallel Lives Review

Many comic book readers may have gone to pick up their comic books and wonder what an old looking Spider-man comic was doing on the shelf. On the week of May 9th, 2012 Marvel released the first book of a reprint of a 1989 graphic novel. This review will avoid any spoilers for people who do not know much about Spider-man.
This book mainly is a retelling of the origins of Spider-man, Mary Jane, and Doctor Octopus. This book has classis 80's and 90's comic art. Even though it jumps like crazy with time, this book still hints to the fans that know most of the history that it did happen. For example, does not mention much about Harry Osborn the books still leaves a hint that his history with Spider-man is still there. Like most retelling some minor details changed in the retelling, but not a lot.

The timing of the release is brilliant. Instead of making a new series like Marvel did for the Avengers, Marvel is releasing this timeless classic again. This book will help anyone wanting to catch up on Spider-man before the movie comes out.
Ambassador Jbemms
Verdict BUY  

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pablo Gunners 4/25 Comics Reviews

From now on I’m going to be offering my opinion on the previous weeks comics for those of you that prefer written or like to have both written and audio reviews.
The Flash #8 Story by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato(Boo-Chel-Loto), Art by Francis Manapul “The Speed Force” Turbine is trapped in the speed force trying to get out. Flash is looking for Iris West in the speed force. Gorilla Grodd is introduced. This was a good easy, informative, interesting. It was a little wordy and the art is still top notch with a few awesome 2 page spreads.
Verdict: BUY
Aquaman #8 Writer-Geoff Johns, Penciller/Inker-Ivan Reis(Ray-S), Inker-Joe Prado
The Others Chapter 2: Somebody is going after The Others and Aquaman is determined to find out who. We get a peek into Aquamans past as a member of one of The Others looking like a sexy shirtless beast.
The story is told through visually enticing art panels and few words.
Verdict: BUY
American Vampire #26 Writer: Scott Snyder, Art: Roger Cruz
The Nocturnes Part 1 of 2: New story arc, new characters, new artist. Roger Cruz makes for an easy, seamless, clean art transition. This is a fresh new cast with new players and enemies that has the same American Vampire look and feel. There is also a sneak preview of Shooter, a realistic spot-on portrayal of military life and personnel.
Verdict: BUY
Daredevil #11 Writer Mark Waid, Artist Marco Checchetto
The Omega Effect: Daredevil has employed the help of Punisher and Spider-Man assist him to take down megacrime. This is the final step of the plan as one of Daredevils allies turns on him. Checchetto gives Daredevil the perfect feel with detailed radar sense panels and dark smooth art. The story is a little predictable but the dialogue continues to stimulating and fitting to each character.
Verdict: BUY
Avengers VS X-Men 1 of 6
Clever Q&A intro/explanation on first page. Just straight forward brawls.
The Invincible Iron Man vs. Magneto Writer Jason Aaron, Art Adam Kubert
Tony Stark vs Eric Magnus Lensherr, Stark genius, tech, and resources versus the master of magnetism fighting on land and in space.
The Thing vs. Namor Writer Kathryn Immonen, Art Stuart Immonen
Strongest FF member versus Sub-Mariner, King of Atlantis, Ruler of the Seas, the first mutant, Imperius Rex fighting each other underwater.
Verdict: BUY

Cover of The Week(CoTW): American Vampire#26
Spread of The Week(SoTW): Aquaman#8
Panel of The Week(PoTW): AVSX#1 of 6 Iron Man vs Magneto
Back and Bag of The Week(BnBoTW): Daredevil#11

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rise of The Planet of The Apes Review

Does this movie live up to its name? As a reboot and prequel does this film measure up? That's what Pablo Gunner is here to tell you and more. For those of you that don't know because I didn't is that "Rise" is just the first film in a series of three movies. I think they call it a "trilogy" in the biz. Knowing that Andy Serkis played Caesar I had to find out how the CG looked and how good of a job he as well as the rest of the actors did. If you're new to any of the Planet of the Apes movies or this one like I was I'll fill you in.

Planet of the Apes is an alternate future where apes rule the planet as our superiors and owners. As said this is a reboot prequel that show how Caesar became the first superior ape. Considering that it's called "Rise" I assumed that this movie would show how ALL apes become superior and how humans become inferior in numbers. I felt that they could have done a better job explaining this but if you pay really close attention to the details and ending credit sequence you'll find the most of the answers. I found the journey to these answers to be quite interesting. Seeing how apes interact was really neat. It's always appealing to me as how similar we are to other animals. To be honest if I didn't know that Andy Serkis had played Caesar I wouldn't have known.

Which brings me to the CG and acting in the film. Andy Serkis did a phenomenal job as Caesar. The CG and special effect of this film were so spectacular that it seemed all too realistic. James Franco played a pivotal character as Will Rodman, the scientist that creates the virus that stimulates brain function and raises Caesar. Franco did a good job not that he really had to make a big stretch. The whole cast was pretty solid but Andy Serkis was the real star.

Personally I felt that this film was overall very impressive but the ending left me very unsatisfied and unresolved. Part of that was due to me not knowing that this was the first part of a trilogy and because I didn't pay attention to all the small details and ending credits sequence. I was one of those people that could not fathom or accept that apes could defeat us but by the end I was nearly convinced. So to answer my previous questions I do not think it completely lives up to the "Rise" part of the title. The Beginning or Beginnings of Rise of The Planet of The Apes would have made more sense to me. Also as a reboot and prequel it did a great job by not forcing you to know anything about Planet of The Apes. The action, story, CG, and talent of Andy Serkis make this a very strong, solid, must see RENT.