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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Assassins Creed III Review

It's starts off slow playing catch up if you haven't played any of the other games. It gives you a nice quick refresher on navigation and assassination. Then you become a loyal assassin noblemen, Haytham Kenway. In Assassins fashion this game is constantly reminding you that there are historic facts concerning people, places, events, and more. There's a big twist that completely caught me off guard and switches things up.
Once you finally become the main character hours later you must learn how to hunt, bait, snare, and climb through trees. The story is really great but not starting as the main character really slows the gameplay down and creates a little frustration if you expect to be tomahawking people as the main character within the first few hours as that is not the case. This time around you have to earn your Assassin robes as Connor. 
This game and story have quite a different feel and theme. Whereas as the other stories have been about revenge and power this one is about freedom. The game itself has truly evolved to a point of near perfection with mission variety, hunting, assassins, homestead, and the overwhelmingly impressive naval battles. Those of you that may not know I was a sailor and this made me wish I still was but during those times instead. It was easily the most fun and satisfying feature of the game. 
The sound design, sound effects, and graphics were phenomenal. The naval battles sounded, looked, and felt so real. From the background noise of the cities and frontier to skinning animals and shooting your gun the sound is incredible and the environments teeming with life.
It took me about a month to beat this game almost 100%. I even tried the online multiplayer for once just so I could play this game more but it just couldn't get into it. It's neat but it's not for me and didn't give me enough of the world to play in. I wish it was more if a sandbox multiplayer but maybe that's just me. I also would love to face off against friends in naval battles. The pause menus could have been more well organized and there could have been a better tutorial for caravan trading, recipes, crafting, and ingredients but besides these very minor complaints this could be my favorite game of the year and might be yours too.
Don't worry about being new to the franchise either. You don't need to play previous games or feel like you have to especially since this has such a different tone and feel to it. Due to this it is the best time to jump in as it was easily the best one in the series. With added elements like hunting, running in trees, naval battles, overly satisfying combat, and a perfectly well balanced economic system it nearly renders other Assassins obsolete. Beating a game nearly 100% and most of the achievements within a month are in now way a bad thing but unless you plan on buying the DLC I would say that this title is a BUY and trade as that is what I did as I don't buy into George Washington being a king and even if he was chosen as king I don't think he would be an evil or corrupt king. So maybe it will just be DLC of GW being a jolly and just king where you fetch ale and meat for him and his esteemed party guests. Anyways enough of my babbling, KEEP CALM AND STAB TEMPLARS.
Verdict: BUY

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Hobbit Review

The Hobbit
Well if you like the book you will like the movie. I felt the movie was to long, but it was enjoyable  For everyone who does not know the movie is part one of 3. The Hobbit has many characters that it has to focus on. Some people felt that all the dwarves  were not separable  I feel that it was not doable to introduce every dwarve. This movie finally help people understand why Bilbo is a likable character. The first movie pretty much leads up to the Misty Mountains. It also shows how Bilbo got the ring. The movie isa lot more light haerted than LOTR just because the book is for children. The movie does show what happens when Gandalf leaves and comes back. A lot of the extra content was taken from appendix from Return of the King. 

First and foremost I want to say the book is always better. That being said this is the best book to film iteration of The Hobbit ever made just like Lord of The Rings(LOTR). You won't find or get a better version of this. Directed by Peter Jackson, you should already know what you're getting into, all things considered. The real question is, is it better than LOTR? Well that's a loaded question now isn't it. Visually it is superior as technology has advanced so the graphics are better without a doubt but what about the cast and the story. 
The cast is considerably larger in this first film as there are fourteen characters on this unexpected journey. This mostly detracts because there is not enough time in the film to learn most of the dwarves names, abilities, personality traits and characteristics. This causes a problem because when their lives are at stake and you can't even remember their names much less what they do how are you suppose to be invested enough to care substantially. Despite that they ARE all different and each actor did a superb job in their respective role no matter how little they had to work with. The main characters were obviously Bilbo Baggins played by Martin Freeman, Gandalf, and the dwarf king, Thorin. Martin Freeman was absolutely phenomenal as he was charming in his portrayal of Bilbo to the point of being adorable. As we all should know by now Ian McKellan is spectacular as he delivered his lines with power and grace. There was quite a bit of focus put on Thorin in the story more than expected. Richard Armitage did a great job as Thorin but no stand out performance in particular.
As said most of the film is focused around Thorin consisting of lots of action. The action scenes were impressively choreographed flowing well. It took some time before Bilbo was out of the shire but after that it was almost non-stop action for a good portion of the film. I must confess that it has been some time since I have read or seen the animated Hobbit so I don't remember exactly how close or well paced to this to the film. The way I see it is whether or not they are the same or not it doesn't completely matter because books and film are so different it is nearly impossible to recreate without making an extremely long and at times boring movie. What matter is that it keeps true to the main story and heart of the characters. Also I will not deny that I may have appreciated this film more because of the nostalgia that comes with it of reading the books when I was younger, getting to see the LOTR movies during high school, and now The Hobbit movies now almost a decade after high school.
So is it better than LOTR, probably not as the stakes were higher and the main characters were fewer in number therefore making it easier to connect with them nonetheless this is as good as it gets. In closing I would like to say that I enjoyed this film very much. The pacing was touch and go, go, go with some nice slow moments and then an onslaught of action for a while but it worked. I did find myself waiting for the end just because I didn't know when it would come and to be honest it was long though I didn't mind. As a stand alone movie its good but as a full story it will be splendid. I'm looking forward to the next two moreso. So if you're a LOTR, Hobbit, or Tolkien fan this is a MUST SEE in theatres as well as a BUY when it comes out on DVD but if you're not, well you ought to know if you like these kinds of movies by now considering we've already seen three of them about a decade ago. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 19 Comic Week in Review

This week for the Comic Week in Review Pablo Gunner and Ambassador Jbemms do written reviews for the weeks most questionable titles: Journey Into Mystery, Thunderbolts, Scarlet Spider, Cable & X-Force, Avengers Arena, Ultimates, A+X, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Batwoman.
Marvel NOW! Journey Into Mystery #647 $2.99
Writer: Kathryn Immonen, Artist: Valerio Schiti
The art is absolutely stunning and spectacular. It just feels so nice, smooth, cool, and soft. It is beautiful, exquisite, and intricately detailed. For some reason Sif is being a royal bitch to everyone and has a hunger for violence. This forces Heimdal to take measure and in doing so banishes he to a far away land. I thoroughly enjoyed the last issue whereas I was completely disappointed the path that this character took. Right now it makes no sense to me but I believe it will farther into this story arc.
Verdict: SKIM - Pablo Gunner

The story was good, but I did not like hoe Sif was more aggressive and angry this issue. I felt  they needed to her to show signs of fight the berserker magic in her. The art was really good and high quality. I hope the next issue helps solve the little issues I had with it.
Verdict: WEAK BUY - Ambassador Jbemms

Marvel NOW! Thunderbolts #2 $2.99
Writer: Daniel Way, Artist: Steve Dillon
The art looks better but it's still Dillon so I still don't care for it. This would have been a lot better #1 issue. This one was actually cool. I don't care for wearing red as I prefer individualism but it works even if certain characters, Venom, look dumb. At a certain point the art takes over as the main storyteller. I'm actually starting to like these characters and this team. This creative team is actually gelling pretty well too. It may be cheesy at times but it can be dark too and that's just fine with me because it actually works. 
Verdict: BUY - Pablo Gunner

This book has a lot of potential. but does not reach it. The art in this book subpar on art. The story is okay, but nothing great. I can understand why Red Hulk, Punisher, and Venom work together, but Elektra and Deadpool were not written well and do not fit in. The three military guys know how to work in the team, but why are the other 2 fighting. Even the Avengers this week explained how they got their team members with a few panels. 
Verdict: PASS - Ambassador Jbemms
Scarlet Spider #12.1 $2.99
Writer: Chris Yost, Art: Paulo Siquera, Neil Edwards, Victor Olazaba, Tom Palmer, Fabio D'Auria
I was instantly sucked in by the art alone. I haven't seen art like this on a regular Spider-Man title in a while. This is not your run of the mill Spider story either as it is not Peter Parker. Surviving clone of the Clone Wars saga, Kaine, is a different man with different ideals, "with great power also comes the ability to rain down hell on those who prey on the weak." This was also a great introduction to this title and character playing a little catch up but mostly introducing a storyline possibly involving a Spider-Man/Daredevil villain sometime in the future. A man that doesn't hold back with a badass suit and a different code, I'm in.
Verdict: BUY - Pablo Gunner
Well this comic is bringing villains from Spider-man. The art is really good. The suit actually works really well the comic. The story is really strong. This book was  an easy read and easy to jump on as a new reader. The point did a good job at being a good starting point. 
Verdict: STRONG BUY - Ambassador Jbemms

Marvel NOW! Cable & X-Force #2 $3.99
Writer: Dennis Hopeless, Artist: Salvador Larroca
They're not a team yet and I don't know how they'll get there but I sure as hell want to find out. Colossus comes into the fold in this issue, Domino and Hope tackle the techno virus problem. If you're not a fan of Larroca's work you should be because it's phenomenal. I'm really liking how this story and team is slowly piecing and coming together.
Verdict: BUY - Pablo Gunner

First off I would like to welcome Larroca to the series. He is the new artist. You may recognize him from Invincible Iron Man. His art is a level up from the first issue. The story is still strong. Cable is still hiding his secret from Hope. The story is strong. The characters are likable. 
Verdict: STRONG BUY - Ambassador Jbemms
Marvel NOW! Avengers Arena #2 $2.99
Writer: Dennis Hopeless, Artist: Kev Walker
Rebecca Ryker, the daughter of the man that made Deathlok is the main focus of this issue. Her back story is interesting and similar to Cyborg. Hopeless is a good fit on art for this book. We also get to meet and find out about a few contestants. This issue was a lot of exposition, backstory, and introduction.
Verdict: BUY - Pablo Gunner

I felt less lost in this book. I am still not too much of a fan of this story. I like how I finally found out who the students of Braddock are. The art is good in this issue. I feel that this issue is easier to read if you read or know about the Avengers Academy. 
Verdict:  WEAK SKIM - Ambassador Jbemms
Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #19 $3.99
Writer: Sam Humphries, Art: Scot Eaton, Rick Magyar, Matt Milla
Art looks as good as ever. Steve Rogers is starting to have to deal with real politics, Stark is doing reconstruction benefits wherever he can showing off his new patriotic armor, and then we find out there is a mole in SHIELD. There are some interesting and mind blowing developments beginning. It's great to see a new story arc, chapter, the effects and fall out of the Divided We Fall/United We Stand tie in.
Verdict: BUY - Pablo Gunner

The Iron Patriot suit is awesome. I almost think Stark truly wants to be VP in this story. He is trying to help reunite this country by being patriotic. A certain agent is actually hiding in disguise as his Marvel 616 counterpart. I hope they do this story well.
Verdict: BUY - Ambassador Jbemms
A+X #3 
Black Panther+Storm
Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Pasqual Ferry
Art is quite phenomenal and unique in textures and tones with the artistic water color style. This was a sad but touching story. Both Ororoe and T'Challa look like the peak of beauty and human perfection. Nothing really happened, Storm made weather for Wakanda, Panther sought her out and they talked.
Writer: James Asmus, Artist: Billy Tan
The art is impressive in a wholly different way. A creature pops up out of the ground, takes a lady hostage, and then Clint and Remy compete to save the damsel. I didn't really care for this story as it was mostly just Barton and Lebeau jabbing eachother while competing for the lady's affection against a random monster. The jokes were cheap and forgettable.
I enjoyed the first story but overall they both hold no weight and have no point. I thought this book was meant to pair an Avenger and a X-Men together as teammates on an important mission together. The only things this issue provides is something like to look at.
Verdict: SKIM - Pablo Gunner

A + X #3
The art was well done. The characters were done well. Both stories had action. I liked how Storm was behind the scenes for the first part. I liked how this gave conclusion between Black Panther and Storm.
Verdict: BUY - Ambassador Jbemms
Green Lantern #15 $2.99
Writer: Geoff Johns, Art: Doug Mahnke
The art has the slightest of inconsistencies that are barely noticeable and is due to all the inkers but is overall impressive especially the colors. The story jumps around a little but sticks to a main focus of newest Green Lantern Simon Baz. The development of this plot is going along greatly with it starting to fully tie into Rise of the Third Army. The Rise of the Third Army seems like a repeat generic GL story but interesting nonetheless. I’m really enjoying this new Lantern character the most.
Verdict: BUY - Pablo Gunner

I am impressed with  this series. I enjoy the art and the story a lot. I only with that Hal Jordan and Sinestro were staying dead. He tried to clear his name, but it did not go as planned. He also does not know about charging his ring. I really like the direction this book is going and think it will get even better
Verdict: BUY - Ambassador Jbemms
The story was okay. It was good to see Hera being more casual now. I just want the story to move on. Like Batwoman this was a filler story. I think I could skip this book and be okay. I like it when a book stands on its own, but adds to the story. The art was good, good art can only go so far.
Verdict: PASS - Ambassador Jbemms
The art was lacking to page spreads. The story was very linear. This week the story was about Kate's Girlfriend. I felt this whole issue was a filler issue and did not move the story along. I think I could read the next issue and not even need to know what happened this issue. The art was not as good. If DC keeps putting out weak comics I will have to  drop a lot of comics. 
Verdict: PASS - Ambassador Jbemms

Monday, December 17, 2012


Marvel NOW! Avengers Arena #1 $2.99
Writer: Dennis Hopeless, Art: Kev Walker, Frank Martin
Good hook with Hazmat defending herself against X-23 in Day 29. Then we have a nice touching moment before we're introduced to all the players, how the game is played, and it's host. It was all very theatrical. I only know 5 of the 16 kid contestants and care for less. I really enjoy and have missed the villain. It's great to see that he's stepped his game up in multiple ways. The art was pretty impressive overall. This title is similar to the title it was spun off of and it also makes this issue better if you have read it. The book I'm referencing is Avengers Academy as it has a few characters and a similar art style. I'm not a hardcore AA fan but I found it knowing of it allowed me to enjoy it more so you might not care if you don't know any of these characters. Verdict: BUY
The art was really well done. I felt like since I did not follow Avengers Academy that much that I missed out. I did not know the characters all that well and 
I had no reason to care about them. I truly think if I read the more of Academy I would have enjoyed his a little more. I hope the next issue well help me care more for the characters.
Verdict: Skim 

 Marvel NOW! Avengers Assemble #10 $3.99
Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Artist: Stefano Caselli
Whereas the last issue was all fun and games, literally, things get real serious real quick. Banner gets a monster organism thingy inside him and the captains, Marvel & America, go after a scientist and his handler. There are quite a few great character moments through out. The art by Caselli is soft, smooth, slick, and semi-realistic. This is the perfect book to pick up if you're a fan of the movies. Verdict: BUY
DeConnick writing truly turns this joke of a series into an awesome worthwhile series. With the help of Casilli on art the book is a great read and admiration of art from beginning to end. The story turned more serious this time. The characters were written well. I lied seeing Captain America and Captain Marvel working well together. We really got to see how the military background of those two really help them understand each other. This book is a great pick up if you like the Avengers Comics or the Movies
Verdict: BUY

Marvel NOW! Cable & X-Force #1 $3.99
Writer: Dennis Hopeless, Artist: Salvador Larroca
Now this is how you do a team up book. Take your time introducing the characters, get their motivations for being part of the team, get people to care about them, good set up for the first mission and next issue. Hopeless does a good job at introducing the characters and there's more to come. Larroca does a fantastic job on art especially the hook with the Uncanny Avengers, Havok looks badass, which seems hard for most artist. Verdict: BUY
This book does a great job at setting up the series. This book also shows more of what Hope is doing in her life and her relationship with her Dad, Cable. This book also brings in crazy new ideas keeping it fresh. Cable has a new twist to his body and will have to learn more of what he can and cannot do. The art was good and helped tell the story.
Verdict: Buy

TMNT #17 $3.99 
Story: Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz, Art: Ben Bates
Right away you will notice that the art is a lot more colorful and cartoony than ever before. Hardcores may dislike this but I for one enjoyed it and think it makes sense for the upcoming and present story arc as it will be taking place in Neutrino. At first it started with Splinter getting everybody together to talk about past, present, and future. Krang talks about a plan to recover Honeycutt while his adversaries carry theirs out. This is when things get hairy for the turtles and let's just say its out of this world. Verdict: BUY
Bates really knows how to capture the art in TMNT. I will always be a fan of Duncan's art, but the art is good for the story arc and series. I love how this book settles conflicts from other arcs and also transitions to the new story arc. I like how Futoid will finally play a part in the main story. I am wondering how the Turtles will resolve their differences with the people of Neutrino. I am really impressed with how bates draw Krang in this issue. TMNT is one of the best indie series out there. I feel this reboot may be one of the best things to ever happen to the series.

The Walking Dead #105 $2.99
Writer: Robert Kirkman, Art: Charlie Adlard
Negan is treated like a king amongst his people, and a mad king he is. Carl is forced to show his gaping hole to his captor. Things are starting to become pretty evident that this guy may actually be worse than the governor by showing us how and why. The facial expressions are mind blowingly well done. Verdict: BUY
Negan shows Carl around the place. Negan has a lot of respect for the kid. He thinks Carl is awesome. He even gets past the fact that he killed 5 of his men. Negan is truly the one of the craziest characters to ever appear int he series. The art is really well done. Like Pablo says the facial expressions were very impressive and added to the story. This is a great series to read issue by issue. 
Verdict: BUY

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #15
Writer: Matt Kindt Art: Ponticelli & Wayne Faucher
I saw this book on the shelf and remembered that he was involved in  Rotworld. I saw that this book had the Rot in it and decided to read it. Frankenstein basically looking for the power to make others like him to fight the Rot. He also faces his creator Victor. Victor appears to have his own power within the Rot. He wants to take out Arcane so he can rule the Rot. Victor is stopped by Frankenstein. The art looks good in this issue. This helped me know more of who this guy is and why he appeared in Animal Man. He sought out the Red Kingdom to get help to fight Arcane.
Verdict: BUY

Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 5 Comic Week in Review

Hey fellow comic book fans this week for the comic week in review we are covering books that were not covered on the comicast, enjoy.

The Amazing Spider-Man #699 $3.99
Writer: Dan Slott, Art: Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba
Otto Octavius has found a way to switch his decaying body with Peter Parker's. Now with only hours to live Peter must find a way to get back into his own body. Using Doc Ocks memories and sinister contacts Pete finds a way out of the Raft. Next step get his body back. The story is intriguing and art is pretty solid.
Verdict: SKIM - Pablo Gunner

The story was fairly strong for Dan Slott writing. Ramos did an amazing job on the art. I like the twist and turns on the story so far. I am just sad to see the series go out okay instead of great. Issue 700 will still be a big deal. 
Virdect: Strong Skim - Ambassador Jbemms

Marvel NOW! Thunderbolts #1 $2.99
Writer: Daniel Way, Art: Steve Dillon
Besides Frank Castle who's practically forced is the only one that has a reason to join this team and maybe Venom/Flash. I still dislike Dillons art as its ugly to me and not in a good gritty dark style either. I'm glad I didn't pay for this because it would have been a waste of my money as it was a waste of my time as well. Essentially this book was about Thunderbolt Ross(Red Hulk) recruiting Venom(Flash), Deadpool, Electra, and primarily Punisher. Barely any of it made sense. It was lame and ugly.
Verdict: PASS - Pablo Gunner

The art was pretty good. I just wish that the writers would take their time on gathering up a team. It is not like the Avengers where Captain America or Stark can assign people. I felt the punisher was done well, but I feel like I was not given any reason for Elektra and Deadpool to be on the team. The art was actually pretty good, but the story was weak.
Virdect: Pass - Ambassador Jbemms

Marvel NOW! Red She-Hulk #60 $2.99
Writer: Jeff Parker, Art: Pagulayan, Alves, Tartaglia
The art is ever impressive and awesome from beginning to end with a deeply detailed and intricate art style. In the middle of story arc that I have not read thus far I was little confused as first but was caught up to speed. I was enthralled as to how unique, different, and unknown this story was and where it went. I thoroughly enjoyed this issue for a lot of reasons a few of them being story, characters, and art. Red She-Hulk(Betty Ross) is on the run trying to destroy a new super soldier program while being chased super computer robot, Machine Man. Machine finds her motivations for what she has been doing as do we. Nikola Tesla makes a cameo and if that doesn't give you enough reason to read this you need to get your priorities straight.
Verdict: BUY - Pablo Gunner

The art was awesome. I felt like this could have been a number one issue. I was not lost at all. The story hooked me in. I actually cared for Betty within one issue. I also enjoyed the writing and the how the reveals worked with this. 
Virdect: Solid Buy

Star Wars-Purge: The Tyrant's Fist #1 $3.50
Script: Alexander Freed, Art: Castiello, Chella
It's done from the point of view of somebody who is filling the paperwork of a mission. A mission taking place after order 66 in which Vader is hunting down remaining Jedi. These Jedi happen to be hiding in a place where the people support aide Jedi. At first this just seems to be a go there, find them, kill them mission but by the end of the issue it ends up being much more than that. The art is pretty well done for the most part with the exception of a few awkward panels. The style is that of a detailed almost sketchy theme. 
Verdict: SKIM - Pablo Gunner

This story takes place after the Emperor took over the republic (after Revenge of the Sith). The Empire is young and still has not killed all of the Jedi's. Darth Vader is responsible for hunting them down. Many of the Jedi's are key figures in small rebellions. The Emperor has to help Vader use his wits and not go overboard. The Empire needs good pr or it could collapse from the inside. The art looked really good. Vader looked hard core in almost every panel he was in.
Verdict: Strong Buy - Ambassador Jbemms

Detective Comics #15 Death of The Family $3.99
Writer: John Layman, Artist: Jason Fabrook
The art fluctuates in quality from mediocre, bad, and good but not great nor ever impressive. I don't know why it was a Death of The Family tie-in as it only had a few references to it and that's it. This was mostly about Batman dealing with a vine infused Clayface which ties into Poison Ivy. I didn't care for the art or story as they were both mediocre at best.
Verdict: PASS - Pablo Gunner

Saturday, December 8, 2012

TNTM Comicast: Episode 58

Hellboy In Hell #1, TMNT Michelangelo Micro Series #1, Before Wathman: Comedian #4/6, Avenging Spider Man #15, Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #18.1, Iron Man #3, Swamp Thing: The Green Kingdom #3, Punisher Warzone: Limited Series #2/5, Deadpool #3, Before Watchmen: Minutemen #5, Avengers #1, Daredevil: End of Days, Hawkeye #5, All New X-Men #3, and Animal Man #15.
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TNTM Comicast: Episode 58
 Podcast Rating: PG
You can pick up these comics at Age Of Comics or
 Twin Suns Comics & Games

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Trade of The Month

November Trade of The Month
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 2 Enemies Old, Enemies New
Ninja Turtles Volume 2 Review
I know most people following the trades are wondering why we are covering Volume 2 and not Volume 3. Well Volume 3 is better in comic book form than trade. Now that is out of the way straight to the review.
This trade does many important things to develop the Ninja Turtles world. The foot is finally established as the enemy of the turtles. The different color bandanas is finally integrated in a way that makes sense. Eastman sure does know how to write the series and keep the reader interested. This trade also introduces the purple dragons. Also Stockman is still up to no good and you discover who his employer is and how he got the ooze developed. Some of the old things have changed, but the book still has the feel of the old comics. This series and trade should be a strong buy for most comic readers. - Ambassador Jbemms
Verdict: Strong Buy

TMNT VOL. 2 Enemies Old, Enemies New
Continuing the ninja turtles story we go further down the proverbial rabbit hole. Splinter goes deeper into his past, and their fate. New gangs, villains, and enemies are revealed in a clever and natural process perfect for the comic book medium. It has a nice flow to it giving time for great character moments, building relationships, and creating an organic story that is character driven and makes sense no matter how outlandish it gets. The intensity builds with each flip of the page. You can feel the emotion of the characters especially the turtles as you can see it in their faces and hear it in their voices. The art has an updated, cleaned up, polished feel on the classic ninja turtles art style. If you're not reading this series you're really missing out because it is an absolutely perfect marriage of old school TMNT comics and present day which makes it the best title for hardcore and new fans alike to jump into. - Pablo Gunner
Verdict: Strong BUY

You can pick up these comics at Age Of Comics or

Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 14 Comic Week in Review

Gambit #5 $2.99
Writer: James Asmus, Art: Diogenes Neves, Rachelle Rosenburg
This is the beginning of a new story arc but still very much related the last story act at least the beginning of it. Gambit was caught with his hand in the cookie jar but now that the cookie is destroyed he's forced into paying his debts off with another heist. I like that the art fits the fast paced heist living style of Remy. What I don't like is that there's either too much or too little of Gambits voice in this title. He's either saying stuff in French that I don't understand at all or he's just talking like a normal guy. They get Mr. Lebeau down pretty well personality and looks wise but not his bayou flavored talk. The art is quite impressive especially when it comes to spreads in fact my Spread of the Week is in this. This issue seems to jump right into the action and ends up being set up for the story arc not that it was a bad thing. With a impressive art and a writer that's struggling to find Remys voice this title turns out to just be ok. If you have the extra cash or you're a hardcore Gambit fan then get it otherwise don't bother.
Verdict: SKIM
The New Avengers #33 End Times $3.99
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis, Artist: Michael Avon Oeming
As the end of an era continues with the avengers titles you can tell they're just shoveling in whatever artist they can to finish it up as they have the best artists on Marvel NOW! I say this because the art is an awful fit for this book. This artist could do wonders in a Doctor Strange, Cap&Bucky, or even DD title with its classic period piece style but not here in the modern age of comic book teams. Maybe because this issue is a Doc Strange-centric title it works at times but only in his presence. The story just continues getting better but it almost seems like Bendis has no intentions of stopping. Only Luke Cage and Jessica Jones' story seem to be coming to an end but we'll see as there is at least one issue left. The story arc itself appears to be coming to a close as Doc Strange takes care of business and makes a death challenge to the villain. I didn't care for the art but the story was good still I'm ready to move on and be done with this era despite the good story telling that Bendis has provided through out the years.
Verdict: SKIM
Marvel NOW! Wolverine & The X-Men #20 $3.99
Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Steve Sanders
I don't know what's up with this triple A title but the art was all over the place. Some of it looked good, most of it was mediocre, and at times downright bad. I've never seen a more awful looking drawn Beast that wasn't an amateur artist. If it wasn't for that this could have been a Back n' Bag contender because the story was that good. They instantly introduced a new character that Angel was tring to recruit when a couple evil doers tried to get the jump on him and get her to join them. Right away this sharkgirl was an interesting and compelling character. Not only was the final page spread drawn well but it was a great reveal too. Despite inconsistent art from a fill-in artist this is still the best X-book to date.
Verdict: BUY
Marvel NOW! Fantastic Four #1 $2.99
Writer: Matt Fraction, Art: Mark Bagley, Paul Mounts
I haven't picked this title up in a long time but I'm glad I gave this one a chance. Within the first three pages it had three instant and different hooks. Being that this is a #1 it did exactly what it was suppose to, get me hooked, establish the character, their personalities, and an interesting story arc that will keep me buying this series. Not only did it do that but it also gives me a reason to read and pick up FF #1 which I had zero interest in getting until I read this. Bagleys art is the epitome of comic book art done right and it gels so well with Marvels first family. This issue for me tense, excited, worried, and interested. It was a nice, short, and sweet treat.
Verdict: BUY
Marvel NOW! All New X-Men #1 $3.99
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis, Art: Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger
Dr. Hank McCoy is mutating, AGAIN. Mutants are popping up all over the world, Cyclops and his X-Men think its their mission in life to "save" them. As a result this is causing a lot of problems for the real X-Men and their new school for mutants. As they say desperate times call for desperate measures as one of the core X-Men takes things into his own hands. All I can say is it involves time travel and it's awesome. The art seems so cool, smooth, and well done. Bendis writes great dialogue as usual, fantastic set up, incredible establishment of status quo, and creates something that feels fresh and new.
Verdict: BUY
Marvel NOW! Thor God Of Thunder #1 $3.99
Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Esad Ribic
More like God of Awesome cuz that's what this #1 issue is. The cover itself should do it for you and does a great job of showing you what this book entails, a young boastful Thor, and an old God King Thor. Thor is depicted as what I like to think of as Conan the barbarian of time and space. What I mean by that is he likes his brew, his women, and he's one bad mofo as a young man and as the future king of Asgard. The tale of Thor begins with him celebrating victory. He soon finds that someone is killing gods. We also get to see the mercy and compassion of a young Thor. The art is absolutely stunning and fits all too well with this mythical beast of a book. I have never enjoyed a Thor title so thoroughly before. If there's one book to pick up of Marvel NOW! it's this one.
Verdict: BUY
Batman & Robin #14 $2.99
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi, Art: Pat Gleason, Tomas Giorello
The "zombie" horde continues on from last issue. We find out what happened to Robin at the end of last issue and it's kind of anticlimactic. There are two different artist for this title and it starts to get annoying with them constantly switching back and forth every few pages. It's not a huge transition I just wish they would stick with one or the other already as this is the second issue in a row in which they have done this. There is some good character growth and development though slow and gradual. I like this title but it's showing such little growth its almost not worth it picking up in issues.
Verdict: BUY
Batman #14 $3.99 Death Of The Family
Writer: Scott Snyder, Art: Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion
First off it starts with the conclusion of Batmans encounter with Harley Quinn so if you haven't read Suicide Squad you will be confused as to what's going on. That right away put a bad taste in my mouth because when a cross over event is happening you should never feel left out or punished because you didn't pick up a tie-in. A tie-in should only enrich the story. Anyways Bruce gets some unfortunate news, Gordon rehashes the past, Dick is a dick, and Joker plays them all like a dirty dealer. The result is brutal and theatrical and it's only the beginning. The art is sleek, sharp, detailed, and precise. Joker looks absolutely demented with his own face withered and barely clinging on. There's also an extra side story that seems to be a prelude to Death of The Family about Penguin and Joker. It was pretty interesting visually and story wise.
Verdict: BUY
Batgirl #14 $2.99 Death Of The Family
Writer: Gail Simone, Art: Ed Benes, Daniel Sampere
If you're not reading this title I feel sorry for you cuz its hot cakes. Seriously if this title isn't on your subscription list you probably won't be able to find it cuz its flying off the shelves. In fact I had to borrow this one from Jbemms since I haven't added it to my list yet and didn't get to Kaboom early enough to secure an issue. Number 14  is part of the Death of The Family cross-over tie-in event. It's starts exactly where the last one left off. The Joker is all kind of effed up and especially to Barbara. Gail does an awesome job of writing such a strong and like able female character in Babs. Despite the horrid situation she almost seems to come out on top. In this issue her brother turns out to be her ace in the hole, sort of. I love to see Batgirl whoop on big ol dudes, it's so satisfying. Joker is just completely menacing and insane the way he's drawn and written. Just when you think you know him they prove you wrong. All I know is that he's one sick mothereffer and I don't want to know where he comes up with the sick crap he does. What he does makes me full of rage, hate, and nausea.
Verdict: BUY
The Walking Dead #104 $2.99
Writer/Creator: Robert Kirkman, Art: Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn
Walking Dead continues to boldly go where you would never imagine them to go. First off people are getting really pissed off at Rick for buckling under the pressure of Negan. Some of Negans men are on to Jesus and Ricks plan. Things go from bad to worse in an instant then it all goes to hell in a hand-basket. What happens blew my mind and then it gunned me down leaving me stunned not know what's going to happen or what could even happen. If you're reading this title I don't care if you're down to your last five bucks, you BUY this damn issue.
Verdict: BUY

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Skyfall "Spoiler-free" Review

If you haven't heard yet Skyfall is one of the greatest Bond movies of all time. It's all about taking it back to the basics in so many ways. It's not a deep, intricate, confusing, or convoluted plot in fact it's quite the opposite. The story is simple and pretty easy to figure out especially considering how much publicity and advertising there has been of this movie. As the saying goes its not about the destination it's about the journey or trip it took to get there. Now I know what you may be thinking, what does this have to do with anything nerdy? Well growing up as a nerd myself I have always loved Bond as he is a ladies man, drives sexy cars and shoots hot guns not to mention he always gets the bad guy no matter what. This film was full of exotic, tantalizing locations that make you feel like you're really there and who wouldn't want to be. Skyfall had everything that every 007 movie should. It had a few lovely ladies, Moneypenny, M, wit, gun fights, a villainous adversary, fast cars, Q, and lots of action. The villain played by Javier Bardem was done in such a menacing and theatrical way and you almost felt bad for him if he wasn't so easy to hate. I especially liked this one because Bond seems so relatable, human, and vulnerable. At one point they literally take it back to the basics when Bond is down to one of his classic cars, a couple of shotguns, pistols, and a knife. Somehow this formula was perfect. I can't stop thinking about how great it was in so many different ways and how much I really want to see it again. So quit wasting your time reading this and go see it already.

Verdict: BUY

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trade of The Month

Hey friends we’re going to try doing a trade book of the month for every month starting with October. For October our Trade of The Month is Saga.
Pablo Gunner
Since issue one ifanboy, IGN, Blair Butler of G4TV, and my most reputable source, Bryan Alvarado of Kaboom Test Labs, has been raving about Saga. He was the one that convinced me to buy it once I found out it was in trade paperback. He also informed me that IMAGE, the publisher of Saga, always makes the volume 1 of a series only $10. As far as trades go that's a steal. But I’m not here to talk to you about economics I'm here to tell you about the epic tale of Saga. Two panels into this book I knew that I was going to love it. Instantly the characters were more likable and relatable than most of the books, shows, or movies that I watch. Someone told me this story was like a galactic alien Romeo and Juliet. To say that doesn’t do it justice. It’s a pitiful explanation as it’s much more than that in so many different ways. Essentially it is about two characters whose races are at war and have been for centuries. They literally just had a baby and are on the run to escape the waring planet they are on. There are a lot people or rather beings that are after them. One of them being a robot prince, another a mercenary spider-lady, not to mention the armies of the goat and winged people. The art and look is a style of its own so unique to the look of this new universe and world. The environments and people are so colorful and vibrant teeming with life and energy. The story and characters are so deep that they still resonate with me as I have an intense care and liking of them. Each character has their own tone, voice, and personality. Brian K. Vaughn has always been great at character piece driven stories but with complete creative control over the writing he absolutely makes you fall in love with these new characters and universe he has created. Saga is utterly genius in so many ways it blows my mind. I'm tempted to switch to issues but I enjoyed the trade so damn much I just might get both. This was without a doubt a BUY. Even if it is only the beginning it definitely got me hooked.
Verdict: BUY

I bought this trade at Twin Suns but you could purchase it at Age of Comics as well.
You can pick up these comics at Age Of Comics or

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Movies?

Hey friends. I’ve seen a lot of movies lately in regular and dollar theaters. I’m a slacker so I just did some short reviews for them and I think they're all fall movies, enjoy.

Bourne Legacy 
I really only saw this movie because I love Jeremy Renner as an actor. I've seen the first two Bourne movies a while back so I definitely wasn't on the up and up on my Bourne knowledge. That being said I felt like I needed to be. There was a lot of unexplained things going on through out the entire film. When I go into a movie I don't want to feel like I should have to do any kind of research like watching previous related movies or reading. Jeremy Renner was great as he is in everything he does and was easily the most interesting character in the film despite how little he had to work with. The main plot was that because Jason Bourne got found out the agency that "created" him is taking out all the others like him. Jeremy Renner's character, Aaron Cross finds a way to survive and joins up with the only surviving agency scientist, actress Rachel Weisz, to cure himself of a fail safe virus. This movie could have been a pretty solid film but it failed miserably by being vague and action packed minus a reason, motivation, explanation behind it.
Verdict: PASS

Total Recall
First of all this film has absolutely nothing to do with the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie though there are a few nods to it. As much as it seems like a sci-fi flick it's more of an all out non-stop action movie. Being that it is such Collin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, and Jessica Biel do most of the work and do it extremely well. The real actors, Bryan Cranston and Bill Nighy, do all the real acting in the few scenes they have. This movie does try to mess with your head a few times but nothing  you can't see coming or figure out. Overall it was a fun movie to watch but it wasn't very deep just action packed awesome.
Verdict: RENT
There's no reason to compare this to the other one. We live in a time with exponentially higher quality graphics and better actors. Keith Urban dons the helmet of Judge Dredd in this hardcore dystopian future overrun with crime. The plot is simple, Dredd gets stuck with a psychic rookie to take down a gang and has 200 floors to get to the leader. Dredd has a gun that reminded me of the different ammo types you have in Mass Effect and made me wish that there was at least an old school 2D game of this movie. The rookie proved to be a lot more than just a setback or nuisance in fact she kind of reminded me of a young Samus out of the armor of course. All in all I was very surprised and impressed with this badass judge, jury, and executioner character film with wicked awesome slo-mo brutal deaths.
The best way to describe this film is the way it was described to me by someone, there's a whole other story that they don't even show in the trailers. The base plot is that Joseph Gordon Levitts character which looks uncannily like Bruce Willis is a hitman that has to take out the future version of himself that is Bruce Willis' character. What you don't know is that old Joe has other motives other than just staying alive. I don't want ruin it for anybody because all the twists are really mind blowing. Yes there is a lot of action but this really boils down to a supremely made sci-fi time travel movie with a stellar cast, genius plot(s),  and prime acting. This film is definitely worth multiple views.
Verdict: BUY

Friday, October 26, 2012

October 24 Comic Week In Review

Hey fellow nerds, here’s our reviews of the weeks comics. The Ambassador and Pablo Gunner give you their thoughts on each book they picked up but sometimes we don't pick up the same books so we cover more books here on the Comic Week In Review than the Comicast. See what we think and maybe give us your thoughts.

Captain America #19 $3.99
Writer: Ed Brubaker, Art: Steve Epting
Pablo Gunner
The goodbye letter by Brubaker at the end of this issue was actually better than the issue itself. That's not to say that this issue was bad but the letter did have more heart. Of course the art was impressive with Epting drawing and D'Armatas colors. It was a little confusing at first then switched quickly to something were use to seeing Cap do, whoop on some bad guys. Then it got confusing again when another Captain showed up to save a lady from a mistake that the first Cap we saw did. We see a different retelling of Steve Rogers as a boy. They even do a nod to Simon & Kirby the original creators. Most of this issue shows us a quick history of the Captain America series from beginning to end, his entire history. This kind of felt like more of an intro story than a closer. It was confusing for the most part and scatterbrained because it tried to do too much. I would have preferred to see a recap of Brubakers run on Captain America. Brubaker had a stellar run and he will most definitely be missed especially after he leaves Winter Soldier but it's unfortunate that he didn't leave the Captain on a high note.
Verdict: SKIM
Ambassador Jbemms
This is the last issue of Captain America. I was very disappointed in this one. The art was awesome, but the writing was strange. This felt like an intro to Steve Rogers and not a conclusion. I wish this actually did a good of ending the book. 
Verdict: SKIM for the art
Talon #1 $2.99
Writers: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Artist: Guillem March
Pablo Gunner
This book instantly sucks you in with a visually enticing 2 page spread. An ex-talon runaway shows back up in Gotham after finding out that Batman took out the Court of Owls. He soon finds out that there are still remnants of the talon as he gets attacked by one and it is a lethal fight. The runaway talon, Calvin Rose, also finds out that he's not alone in his hatred and fight against the Court. This is the premise of this title. It's not bad but it's been done before. I'm not completely hooked but I am interested.
Verdict: BUY
Ambassador Jbemms
The art was the reason why I picked this up. The writing was well done. I really like the ideas in this story and wonder where they are going to go from here. He used to be the most fierce Talon until he ran away. He comes back to Gotham to see if Batman really defeated the court of the owls. Batman did not defeat them, really weakened them. Now he teams up with another person to take out the court of the owls so he can live in peace. 
Verdict: BUY
Journey Into Mystery #645 Everything Burns Aftermath $2.99
Writer: Kieron Gillen, Artist: Stephanie Hans
Pablo Gunner
The intro page is stylistically ingenious with a very twilight-esque opener. The art is soft, smooth, dreamy, and cool tones and colors. There were quite a few heartfelt moments my favorite being between Thor and young Loki. This title wraps up very nicely being the most satisfying end of a crossover event and end of a title. 
Verdict: BUY
Ambassador Jbemms
Another good example on how to end a series. This truly shows that young Loki is a good person. This also shows that old Loki had this as his master plan just in case he failed. He did not expect young Loki to actually have a good nature. The art is amazing on this issue. The first page does this cool twilight zone intro. The only thing that makes me so sad about this series is the fact that is it ending.  
Verdict: Strong BUY
Avengers #32 End Times $3.99
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis, Art: Mike Mayhew, Brandon Peterson
Pablo Gunner
This issue kind of undoes or explained what happened at the end of secret invasion to one of its Avengers. I really enjoy Mayhew's art because it makes me feel like I'm watching a movie but Peterson's art really slowed and brought this book down. This issue was just great Bendis fun storytelling and writing. Bendis killed it on great character moments. It almost feels like Wonder Man is being forced on us at this point though as he makes a pointless reappearance in this issue. Overall it was a great ending issue that leaves me wanting more.
Verdict: BUY
Ambassador Jbemms
Bendis finishing up his run on the Avengers. Finally we find out who the girl was using the Avenger's card. It is someone who has been thought to be dead for a long time. This person was actually shrunk down so small that she was in a whole other world in Central Park. Now Iron Man, Ant Man, Captain America, and Thor must fight their way out with their old friend. The art was well done in this issue. Verdict: BUY
The Flash #13 $2.99
Creative Team: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Pablo Gunner
In this issue we have the return of Gorilla Grodd. He arrives with his Gorilla army to take over. The rogues are forced to ally themselves with Flash to save the city from certain destruction. The art is a brilliant use of color tones for mood. This art team is absolutely genius in the way they design panels and structures. By the end Grodd is as terrifying as he should be. I love how the focus has been put more on Barry than his rogues and villains in this issue.
Verdict: BUY
Ambassador Jbemms
This issue finally shows Grodd returning for vengeance on the Flash.  You also have the Rogues teaming up to protect the city/their turf. The art was amazing in this issue. Buccelato not only does the Flash well, but kills at doing Grodd. I would be scared of this villain if I ran into him drawn the way he is in this issue. 
Verdict: BUY

Ultimates Comics Ultimates #17 $3.99
Writer: Sam Humphries, Artist: Luke Ross
United We Stand hits a high point as we see an all out war between SHIELD and HYDRA.  President America makes a stupid strategic move just to boost morale and make a statement and pays for it instantly. The end result is an epic splash page with panels that give you the reason and context for it. Ross does a great job at close ups but not so much on far away views/perspectives. There was a lot of cool and interesting moments some that play out quite nice and others that don't event make sense. Overall the awesomesauce outweighed the lamesauce.
Verdict: BUY
Ambassador Jbemms
We find out that Thor's son wants to rule Earth and wants the US to fall. Thor is forced to fight Captain America. Modi, Thor's son has a Gem that allows him to Control minds. He is forcing Thor to fight Captain America. The art is outstanding in this issue. 
Verdict: Strong BUY

Punisher War Zone #1 of 5 $2.99
Writer: Greg Rucka, Artist: Carmine
Pablo Gunner
Essentially this issue is about Spider-Man going after Punisher and he has something to say. After their exchange it becomes an Avengers problem. The art is kind of ugly but I guess it works. The story and dialogue are absolutely stellar and completely make up for any dislike of the art. I won't deny that the artist does a great job at drawing Spidey and his acrobatics. I can't wait to see how this all plays out.
Verdict: BUY
Ambassador Jbemms
Punisher team has a new artist Di Giandomenico. He did an awesome job with the punisher and Spider-man. He had a hard time with drawing the avengers. Rucka really tears it up with an awesome story. He writes spider-man well. It is interesting how he does the jokes really well with Spider-man. Verdict: BUY/BnBoW

AvX Consequences #3 $3.99
Writer: Kieron Gillen, Art: Scott Eaton, Andrew Hennessy
Pablo Gunner
Starks faith in science and technology following the events of AvX. Cyclops effs up some inmates and it's was one of the most awesome displays of Scott's abilities. Kitty Pryde has a nice talk with Emma Frost and completely shuts her down making this one of the most satisfying moments of AvX. We see Hope trying to live a normal teenage life and Cyclops begin to concoct a plan. The art was spectacular, realistic, peak of comic book art. There were so many great moments in this issue and I love what they're doing with Cyclops.
Verdict: BUY/BnBoW
Ambassador Jbemms
The art was well done on this book from start to finish.  I really like how the art was done during the  Cyclops jail fight. The writing did just as well art at portraying the story. This issue alone makes this series worth picking up. Everything in this book works as hook and went right. This is the best aftermath comic I have ever read. 
Verdict: Strong BUY

The Invincible Iron Man #527 $3.99

Writer: Matt Fraction, Art: Salvador Larroca

Ambassador Jbemms
Fraction does a great job wrapping this series up. After Everything Tony goes through he wants some away time to reflect on everything. You still get to see an awesome seen with him and a girl. The art is top notch as usual. I am sad to see this series end, but it did conclude well. 
Verdict: BUY

Superman #13 $2.99

Writer: Scott Lobdell, Art: Kenneth Rocafort

Ambassador Jbemms
The art was really good. I understand this story was a intro into a starry arc. I felt that it did not explain a lot. I felt lost some of the way. I thought the writing was weak. This did not make me want to pick up anymore Superman issues. 
Verdict: PASS

Gambit #4 $2.99
Writer: James Asmus, Art: Clay Mann, Leonard Kirk
Pablo Gunner
This starts off exactly where it ended. Don't bother picking up this issue if it's your first because you will be lost. This issue takes a trip into ridiculousness of another world with dragons. Gambit risks everything to save the girl and in a last ditch effort saves the world. I don't mind a book being amped up but this was a little too over the top for me. I hope this title returns to form like the other issues. I like the art. It's colorful, surreal, and fits well with the master thief. Despite enjoying the story arc thus far this issue got too ridiculous for my tastes.
Verdict: SKIM

Pablo Gunner
COW: Ultimates #17
POW: The Flash #13
SOW: Ultimates #17
BnBOW: AvX Consequences #3

Ambassador Jbemms

COW: Avengers #32
POW: The Flash #13
SOW: Invincible Iron Man #527
BnBOW: Punisher War Zone #1

You can find any and all of these at Kaboom Test Labs or Twin Suns.